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    Noob=bike died, help me

    You wouldn't happen to be "Stikman" would you? If so you might remember me. I was a pro mountain bike racer for a while (cross-country).After reading your posts, it sounds like I'm even more of a noob than you when it comes to motos. By the way, welcome to the Husky gang. I've got an '06 TE 610.
  2. dirtdesirer

    check your oil level

    For what it's worth; On my '06 TE610, once oil has stopped draining with bike in upright position, leaning the bike over as far as I can each way and returning to upright results in much more oil draining out. Even more will drain if this is repeated a few times. Perhaps this technique could bring oil amounts closer to what the manual states. Mine was pretty much dead on at 1.9 quarts for oil replacement only.