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  1. v10killer

    '02 400 EXC hydraulic clutch questions

    thanks Mike - this is a small spring that fits between the slave cylinder & the piston? About 3/4" long & about 3/8" diameter? thanks for the help
  2. Read the FAQ's on this, but I have another question What parts should I find inside the slave cylinder? So far, there's a piston, an o-ring, the slave cylinder housing, and the bleed fitting. Am I missing anything else? Is a spring supposed to be present between the piston and the cylinder itself? thanks Nice that the flippin' rebuild kit for the master is $52 . . . thieves!
  3. v10killer

    KTM two stroke runs backwards!

    Must be no snowmobilers in this bunch. Nearly all of the sled manufacturers these days employ this sort of thing to get reverse out of a two-stroke motor - it's much cheaper than a "geared - reverse" - and it really works well - press a button, wait a sec, and the engine is then running in reverse. Press it again, wait a sec, and we're back to normal.
  4. v10killer

    Rekluse Auto Clutch -How much $ is it worth?

    Just curious - how do you manage to get any effective braking at all from the rear tire on a muddy downhill? Unless you are braking in order to purposely slide the bike sideways, I'm not really sure what it is you're doing. Given the weight transfer on a downhill - what would your guess be - 10% of the bike& rider mass is on the rear tire? Why bother using the rear brake at all, especially on mud?