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  1. thanks Mike - this is a small spring that fits between the slave cylinder & the piston? About 3/4" long & about 3/8" diameter? thanks for the help
  2. Read the FAQ's on this, but I have another question What parts should I find inside the slave cylinder? So far, there's a piston, an o-ring, the slave cylinder housing, and the bleed fitting. Am I missing anything else? Is a spring supposed to be present between the piston and the cylinder itself? thanks Nice that the flippin' rebuild kit for the master is $52 . . . thieves!
  3. Must be no snowmobilers in this bunch. Nearly all of the sled manufacturers these days employ this sort of thing to get reverse out of a two-stroke motor - it's much cheaper than a "geared - reverse" - and it really works well - press a button, wait a sec, and the engine is then running in reverse. Press it again, wait a sec, and we're back to normal.
  4. Just curious - how do you manage to get any effective braking at all from the rear tire on a muddy downhill? Unless you are braking in order to purposely slide the bike sideways, I'm not really sure what it is you're doing. Given the weight transfer on a downhill - what would your guess be - 10% of the bike& rider mass is on the rear tire? Why bother using the rear brake at all, especially on mud?