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  1. Yama4Stroker

    New game - Name that rear sprocket!

    Glad to help. Hope you get rolling soon with the new sprocket.
  2. Yama4Stroker

    New game - Name that rear sprocket!

    I believe the issue is the 98 did have a different rear hub then the 99 and later. I had a 99 YZ400, in which the rear sprocket had a larger center hole than the 98 YZ400. The 98's rear hub, at least for the YZ 400, had some structural issues and was redesigned for 99 and later models. The WR's may have had the same hubs as the YZ's. Not sure about the C49 marking.
  3. Yama4Stroker

    radiator leaks

    Local radiator shop. I twisted one and smashed the inner two rows of fins on the other, radiator shop tested and fixed leaks. Never had a problem after that. Ironically it was a 99yz400 as well.
  4. Yama4Stroker

    Master Chain Link

    I second Tony1970. There is one link that is different. It acutally has larger pins in it. Look on the inside of the chain as well as the outside. Use a dremel to grind off the ends of the pins.
  5. Yama4Stroker

    Valve Adjustment Interval for WR426

    It actually runs out of the valve cover and down the left side frame rail to where the frame curves to craddle the motor. This is on pre '03 models. I believe the '03 and later models are routed into the air box, part of the emmisions I think.
  6. Yama4Stroker

    WR426 and some advice

    I have always used Motul 5100 full synthetic 10w-40. I have never had any problems with it. I've had great clutch life also with this oil. The valves are not really an issue. If the bike is hard to start and doesn't produce good solid power, then I'd look into checking the valves for spec. Just keep it breathing clean air and keep clean oil in it, should get some years out of it. My buddy can't even start his '02 honda 450 because the valves and seats are hosed. I keep telling him my '02 runs like a top!
  7. Yama4Stroker

    WR426 and some advice

    I rode the yz400f for five years, with almost 4500 miles logged in. I only ride trails and an occational track. Checked the valves at about 1500 miles and at 3500 miles, both times still were in spec. Not a single engine problem the whole time I owned it. Frequent oil changes (200-300 miles) and clean air filter every ride is about all it took. I have since sold it and now on the wr426 for the last year. Love it! Best bike I've owned. Great low to mid power, and does OK on a track. IMO, 400/426 power plants have proven themselves many times. I think there are more rumors on the honda top end then yamaha. my .02
  8. Yama4Stroker

    Extra cable into clutch perch???

    I don't have that bike, but I'm guessin' that one of those 'cables' runs switch that allows the electric start to work. I don't believe you can start the bike without the clutch pulled in?? Disconnect it and see if you can still e-start you bike. This is my guess??
  9. Yama4Stroker

    Looking for pic of battery in airbox (WR426's)

    Check these guys out Gruber Batteries. They have good prices and a wide assortment of batteries. I contacted them for my sons power wheels jeep modifications. Get the most amp hours battery you can fit for a longer run time. http://www.gruberpower.com/gruberpower/advertising/Batteries/Allbatteries/
  10. Yama4Stroker

    My 2005 YZ450F sure don't like the trails...

    I rode my YZF400 for almost five years on trails with many types of gearing setups. I found the stock gear to be the best. A little tough in the really tight trails, but I bumped my idle up a little to help with stalling. You just have to ride it like a MX bike. These bikes are not as forgiving as the XR's where you can chug along at an idle. Stay on the gas and use the clutch when you need it. my .02 cents
  11. Yama4Stroker

    Long Distance Ride

    Stand up, stand up, stand up. On a long ride like that, stand up whenever and where ever you can. I would rather my arms get tired then my rear hurt to sit.
  12. Yama4Stroker

    Long Distance Ride

    For the wr426, fresh oil before trip, clean & well oiled air filter, and run a little more air in your tires to help avoid pinch flats. I did a 260 mile desert ride this sumer over two days on my completely stock wr426. Not one problem holding it 3/4 throttle in 5th gear for extended amounts of time. Pretty much the same for the CRF. My .02 cents.
  13. Yama4Stroker

    2000 wr radiator vs 99?

    If it the black colored radiator, it should work fine. The silver/gray colored radiators (the 426 radiators) have a different mounting tab for the shroud, its at an angle and not flat like the black ones. I can't recall when Yamaha made the switch between the two different radiators- '00 or '01.
  14. Yama4Stroker

    Difference between a YZ and WR

    I recently sold my yz400f to get a wr426 for the reasons you stated above. The first gear on the yz made it hard to follow the little one around. I was always stopping ahead of my son, then letting him catch up, then go again. The wr has a great low first gear for riding slow. And I argree, the kick stand is a life saver. Go with the wr.
  15. Yama4Stroker

    Got an extra 426 header for sale?

    Not sure if this applies for you, but the original yz400/426 header and silencer hada metalic (lead-like) gasket that was in the female end of the silencer, then slipped over the header. Check out the online oem parts finder for yamaha. It is part #12 in the exhaust section. This should make up the difference in od.