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  1. Woods_Rider

    Western WA trail explorers group

    I think some of the confusion is regarding roads vs trails. If you're riding a plated motorcycle, of course you are able to ride/drive on any roads where any other plated vehicle (cars, trucks, etc) can go. When it comes to trails though, generally, you are not allowed to venture on to any public trails in WA State unless those trails are specifically identified as legal to ride motorcycles/ORV's on. That's really it in a nutshell, unless its already considered an ORV trail on public land, you can't take your motorcycle on that trail legally. For identifying which trails are available, plenty or resources out there for that. I'll see if I can find some links to that info and post (unless someone beats me to it), seems like that would be a good list for this thread if people are talking about exploring, would be good to know where the legal trail riding is, and where it is not. But generally, for trails, best to assume they are closed to ORV's until you learn otherwise. Sad, but true.
  2. Woods_Rider

    Western WA trail explorers group

    Just to be clear, I'm psyched for you getting out and exploring on your KTM and meeting new peeps to ride with, the North Fork area is pretty cool. I hope you all get good weather and have a great time. Regarding attempting to "correct" you, from what I'm reading, you (and some others here) don't seem receptive to input that doesn't match your expectations, so I won't attempt to "correct" anything. Good luck out there and enjoy.
  3. Woods_Rider

    Western WA trail explorers group

    Yep, Katoom has it right, no way to get to Duvall/Monroe on the dirt roads from the Snoqualmie/North Bend area, its all gated and patrolled by security. And an additional FYI, there is no legal single track riding anywhere in the North Fork Rd SE area (or anywhere in the surrounding area for that matter), so please don't venture off the logging roads, or onto mtn bike, hiking trails, etc. As tempting as it might be its like shooting yourself in the foot and will only give additional ammo to the anti-orv crowd. The anti orv'ers (basically everyone that does not ride dirt bikes) are regularly out in force up there and will only be too happy to snap a pic of you and share it with whatever local authority has jurisdiction. Its just not worth it, if you want to ride single track, there's plenty of legal killer single track sprinkled all over the state.
  4. Woods_Rider

    Western WA trail explorers group

    For a North Fork Rd ride, if you guys get pressed for parking, there's a small parking lot on the corner of SE Renig Rd & 428th Ave SE on the way to North Fork Rd SE that you may be able to use for a truck or two (would probably be a good idea to check out signage there but its never had more then a car or two every time I've been by there). It would mean some pavement riding, I forget how many miles to the dirt. The one time I was out there last fall I trucked my bike up to dirt part of the North Fork Rd until I found a small turnout to park at. I didn't find much in the way of very interesting riding, but the scenery is amazing. Some pics to wet the appetite:
  5. Woods_Rider

    Untitled 50s

    I was with some youngster this fall who were on Osets and they were loving them. I would seriously look into one of them if I was moto shopping for a youngster. And I was seriously considering picking up an Alta for myself, but right after I took a test ride on one and got all hot and bothered about it, they closed up shop. What the hell Alta?! Lol.
  6. Woods_Rider

    Untitled 50s

    If the little guy or gal can fit on it comfortably, I would recommend going with a minibike in the 70 - 110 cc range, the bigger wheels make them easier to ride as the larger wheels roll over the trail/yard bumps and irregularities better, makes them much easier to ride IMO. Plus you may get longer use out of the bigger bikes vs the 50's which the little ones grow out of so quickly. But fit is the most important thing, if they can't put their feet down comfortably, the larger wheels will do them no good as they won't be comfortable on the bike. Good luck, sounds like fun. -Ed
  7. No offense taken what so ever. And no doubt my knowledge of lecky things is lacking. It's kind of like music and math, for some reason it just does not come easily to me. And thanks for posting guys, the additional info is helpful and hopefully it may help someone else in the future. Now I just have to sort my hard starting and FCR MX 39 tuning issues. Four strokes, so many parts, so complicated! Lol. *Edit: Just got in touch with Dave aka DJH the KTM engine builder/tuner, dropping the Beta off with him tomorrow so he can take care of my starting/running issues. Yeah me! Can't wait to take this bike out in the woods, health issues have prevented me from completing the rescue on this bike for a long time, but I'm very close to having it ready to roll. Psyched.
  8. I confirmed the positive lead does connect to the post with the "B" next to it, no need to reply, thanks. -Ed
  9. Hey guys, Can anyone help me make sure I'm connecting the electrical leads on my starter relay properly? I took pic before I remove the old one but can't find them now and I can't seem to figure it out from searching online and I don't want to fry the relay by connecting it incorrectly. My bike is an '05 Beta 525 RR, uses the RFS 525 engine and wiring harness, so it would be the exact same as the KTM setup. The leads I'm talking about are the positive lead from the battery and the other wire that goes to the starter. The pic below from the manual shows a "B" on the relay which I assume means hook up the positive lead from the battery to that post, but just wanted to double check. Thanks! Ed
  10. Woods_Rider

    Weyerhaeuser sucks

    Exactly Scott. In my little town back east growing up every town had its own little "dump" where you could bring your excess trash and drop it off. Yard waste too. They also had once a month trash days where you could put your excess trash out to the curb and they would collect it for you. No extra charges, no extra fees, it was paid for by your regular garbage fee, everyone paid it, it wasn't excessive from what I recall, no one complained, everyone seemed to think it worked just fine. I was amazed when I moved out here to learn you had to pay (quite a bit) to use the dump and that there are no monthly "trash" days. Then I come to learn the woods out here are used as dumping grounds by the cheap, the lazy, and just plain bad people. And people wonder why the woods are full of trash, and the response by the authorities is to close off access to the woods. Stupid policies with very predictable outcomes if you ask me. And the monthly garbage to the curb days, oh my god, it kept us in mini bike engines. No one in our neighborhood had the money for the killer XR70's and RM80's so we rode around on beat up Rupp mini bikes (or cast off Honda step throughs if you were lucky). Every trash day we were up early looking for the prized horizontal shaft engines for our minibikes. If you found a 5 hp (vs the regular old 3.5) engine you just won the lottery, Lol. Good times. And oh yeah, bicycles, sporting goods, whatever, we were not to proud to scrounge up whatever we could. No shame in it then, it was just normal, people seemed happy to have you cart it away before the garbage trucks got there. And kudos to the Shelton Dirt Riders club for getting it done, but I wish the authorities would stop closing off access, especially on those forest roads, its just not right.
  11. Woods_Rider

    Hammer solves ECX-F sidestand self-retract

    Cool, thanks.
  12. Woods_Rider

    Hammer solves ECX-F sidestand self-retract

    So, net result is side stand does not self-retract now? And the spring still keeps the side stand retracted while riding? Nice work. My '05 Beta 525 has a similar system, my first self retracting side stand bike. It's been driving me nuts and I've been meaning to figure out a better solution for some time now. I know the Beta system is similar so I'm going to take a look at it and see if I can get the same results. Thanks for posting. -Eddie
  13. Woods_Rider

    Jackass on a Sherco

    I remember one time doing a morning lap at of one of the Eddieville 24 hr races. I had no business being in the race, but the majority of the course has lots of room for the go fast guys to get around rolling roadblocks like me, so it worked out. Anyway, I'm rolling along this big wide open field, lots of room, lots of lines. I'm minding my own business, really trying to haul the mail on this open section, and this go fast guy comes blitzing along, I can hear him on his big ol' four stroke coming up on me and I make a mental note to hold my line and not get in his way. I was probably thinking what a great guy I am or something. As he's railing by me like I'm standing still, maybe 30 yards or so off to the left, he's completely blowing my mind at how fast he's going. I'm like WTF?! How can I be so slow? Look at that guy. Just then I hear him yell something, really loud. Then he was gone. I was thinking, did he just yell at me? To get out of his way?! Really? What the hell, what a dick I thought. Then I thought, no, no one would do that. But he did do it. Kinda bugged me for a minute or two, then I forgot about it and got back to concentrating on puttering along. I finally make it back to the pits and am relaxing when a friend stops by. He's one of those go fast dudes, real nice guy. He says, hey man, I saw you out there, yelled "Go Ed!" (or something encouraging like that) when I went by, did you hear me? I was like, "Wait, what?! That was you?!" I told him what was going through my mind when he yelled, we both got a good laugh out of it. Also a little lesson on assumptions for me.
  14. Woods_Rider

    Jackass on a Sherco

    A little late to the party here, but the one time I did this poker run a few years ago, had a great time. I'm usually the slow poke so I have a lot of practice making room and generally trying to stay out of the way. I have no issue with faster folks rev'ing, yelling, passing me with limited space if I'm in a death march near coma and don't realize some 8 yr old is behind me and has been for some time. Its all good, from experience I know the fast guys that signal me to pass would be the first ones to stop to help me out if I'm lost, off the trail, broke down, whatever. I do recall a hell of a back up at one of the peninsula poker runs, a guy on a quad was hung up and was holding up at least 10 people on the trail when I rode up. I couldn't see what the hold up was, just a cluster f of quads and people standing around. Within a few minutes the backup grew to 20 peeps or more, but everyone just sat there. Finally I got frustrated and busted through the brush to get by, wondering why the peeps up front had not done the same. When I got up to the stuck quad group, they were sitting in the middle of the trail doing I don't know what. Made no attempt what so ever to move that piece of crap off the trail. Had me shaking my head about how some can be so clueless. A bunch of riders jumped in behind me and we went on our merry way (looking for little kids to stuff in the corners), had a great time.
  15. Woods_Rider

    Private Tracks - North Bend

    I talked to the Dirtfish peeps a few years ago at the D100 about setting up some single track and a motocross track on their property and they laughed. They knew better. They agreed it would be awesome but that it would never happen. They said they have been working for years to be good neighbors and they would never consider allowing dirt bikes on the property. I lobbied them pretty hard but they knew better. I have to say, I agree with them. They have an amazing thing going, no reason to open a gigantic can of worms by allowing dirt bikes on the property. A shame, but you can't argue with their logic and track record of success there. Now, who is going to step up to the plate and get a Shelton dirt bike riders club type thing going on the 15,000+ acres of land between Snoqualmie and Monroe? Mix of DNR, private logging (can't remember who the current owner is, used to be Weyerhouser), and some private property sprinkled in. Markworth Block, Stossel Creek, North Fork, Cedar Ponds, etc, etc, etc...