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  1. Stormin52

    Extreme riding, old school style

    "I remember dreaming as a kid what it would be like to go out west and see Hannah battle team red." Dogfish, I can tell you, first hand, that it was cool. Dad took us to the Superbowl of MC every year at the Collosium in LA. The Hurricane was a God, at least to a couple of kids in the stands. Norm
  2. Stormin52

    My First pw50

    Thanks, but I already sold it. Put it on the buyer and he didn't seem to care, but I appreciate the help just the same. Norm
  3. Stormin52

    My First pw50

    On a similar note... Does anyone know where to get the switch only? I really don't want to buy the whole perch for $50 bucks. The boy broke his off and it's time to sell it (moving up to bigger bike). It still functions if you can get a finger nail on it but I would like to sell it with the correct parts in place. Thanks in advance, Norm
  4. I would also like to say thanks to all for a great weekend. I had no idea that we were camping with y'all until Neil called me with directions and said "follow the the TT logo's." I only made 2 big boy rides the whole time I was there. The first was the ride with Chris, Neil, Brian and I. Chris can throw that bike around pretty well. I spent the majority of the trip riding with my kids, which is pretty much what I wanted. Fun to watch them grow. Sorry to say that I have no pics to share. I didn't even get the camera out (I forget ). I would like to to do this again, however, as I enjoyed meeting so many of you around the fire at night. Joel... I hope you survive Disneyland. Thanks again, Norm The guy in the little green trailer at the end of camp
  5. My 4 year old son on his PW 50 My 8 year old daughter on her TTR 90 Determination I am very proud of both of them Norm
  6. Stormin52

    Kids + Dirt Bikes = Insane Cute-itude!

    Here are mine on their Christmas presents from Dad. My daughter, age 8, on her TTr 90 and the boy, Just turned 5, on his PW 50. and a couple of action shots from their first ride day ever. Taken last month. (sorry for the pics but I am still getting familiar with a new camera) Daughter The boy
  7. Stormin52

    Lets see some hondas

    Here's mine... '04 CRF 450R and she's for sale
  8. Try this... get a piece of coax and connect it to the stereo. Run it to a fastener (screw, bolt, etc) on inside of the trailer. Cut the coax were desired and strip the end to expose the wire. Back out the fastner on the trailer then tighten it back up with the wire wrapped around the fastener to pinch it between the fastener and the metal of the trailer. You have now turned to whole trailer into one big antenna. You can do the same thing with a portable player. Simply unscrew the antena and replace it with any scrap wire you might have on hand. Then pinch that to the trailer with an existing fastener. Hope that helps. Norm
  9. Stormin52

    Whats your number?

    It was 909 on my old CR250. I was representin' (for those in So Cal you will know the area code). 459 is what I have now (sorry no pics yet) on my CRF450. 459 is the penal code for burglary. Reminds me to ride it like I stole it.
  10. in my case... i had to have a new spoke kit in the rear (long story) and two new rims (both cracked). so in my case they were starting from new. $70 to lace a rim.
  11. Were in California are you? There is a place in Grand Terrace (between Riverside and San Bernardino) that just did mine for $70.
  12. Stormin52

    rv awning

    The Camping stores have different types of cleaners that people swear by but I have yet to use any of them. I go after mine with Simple Green and a stiff brush on a pole. Great results everytime. Norm
  13. Stormin52

    New Guy

    Just wanted to check in, say hello and thanks for the good info so far. i've been lurking here for the last couple of months. really like the site.