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  1. AZMark

    Just bought a new DR 650

    I'm curious to hear about your bike. Did you have it lowered? Stock seat? Did you get any kind of deal on it? I'm in Arizona and I don't know yet what kind of deal I can get out here. We're sort of in the same region.
  2. AZMark

    Tell me about an F 650 GS

    Yeah, I'm having trouble registering for some reason, so I can't post there. Interesting side note...I found out that the BMW dealer in Tucson is pricing the 2006 F 650 GS at $8990, whereas the BMW site lists MSRP at $7500. You'd think they were a Harley dealer or something.
  3. AZMark

    Tell me about an F 650 GS

    In my search to find the right bike, I've decided to check out an F 650 in addition to the Japanese bikes. Can anybody educate me on BMW's single?
  4. AZMark

    Does anybody commute on a DRZ 400?

    Wow, I got a lot more responses than I expected. I would have thought, theoretically, that the DRZ 400 would get substantially better MPG than the DR 650. It seems to get about the same or maybe even less. I wonder why the DRZ costs more than the DR 650. Can anybody comment on that?
  5. AZMark

    Does anybody commute on a DRZ 400?

    Sorry, but that link didn't work.
  6. I'm looking at getting a new bike for commuting, and I'm curious about the supermotos. I saw one at the dealer, and the tires look like they would be terrible on a dirt road. I think they're neat looking mutant bikes, but would a supermoto work as a commuter?
  7. I've seen these Supermotard bikes and I wonder what's up with them. Are they just dual sports made to run on the street full-time? Are they still really dual sports, I mean, are they any better on dirt roads than a street bike? I realize the suspension is way better than a street bike, but are those tires and wheels designed just for the street?
  8. AZMark

    ? from new SM owner

    Hey, SM owner: What kind of riding do you do? I'm looking at new bikes... The SM looks cool, but I'm concerned that the tires will be useless on the dirt roads I have to cover every day. What kind of gas mileage do you get?
  9. AZMark

    DR 650 vs KLR 650

    I was just looking at the gas mileage thread on the DR. Does mileage really suck that bad, or are these guys just not riding for mileage? I mean, I know plenty of people that get 50 or better with a Sportster, and that weighs like 200 pounds more.
  10. Has anyone got any experience commuting on a KLX 250S? Is it really just for legally riding to the trails? I'm leaning towards a 650, but I'm wondering if the 250 would get really good gas mileage. How does it handle on the street?
  11. AZMark

    DR 650 vs KLR 650

    Hey, I just posted in the DRZ forum asking about commuting on one (DRZ). It's neat and kind of high-tech, but is it worth the money? What kind of mileage do you get? The Super Moto is kind of freaky and different, too. Wouldn't those tires be absolutely useless in the dirt, though?
  12. Hope you guys and girls aren't getting tired of seeing me ask dumb questions here. I need a commuter that won't be ruined by the nasty dirt roads where I live. A DR 650 looks like it would fit the bill, but I'm curious about the DRZ-400. Does anyone actually commute on one? It seems like everybody rides them on the dirt or to the dirt. The SM is kind of intriguing, but won't those tires be just as bad as having a street bike on the dirt? I was about to get a Ninja 250 until I visualized myself hitting a patch of sandgravel, or loose dirt. I'd rather not lay it down if I can avoid it. Will the 400 maintain 65 mph without straining too much? What abut handling on the street? What kind of gas mileage would I get? Also, I absolutely want to be able to put my feet down at a stop light. My inseam is 30". Any short riders out there who've lowered a 400 significantly? So many questions, I know. All these choices are killing me.
  13. AZMark

    DR 650 vs KLR 650

    It seems that people feel that the KLR is a better street bike. However, they refer to the big tank and more comfort on long rides. Acceleration, handling and stopping are higher on the list for me. Right now the only thing that would absolutely convince me that the KLR was the one to get would be if I found out that the DR wouldn't handle the summer heat here. The hottest I've seen it so far is 107 F. One guy complained about the Suzuki gel seat getting really hot. Has anybody else had this problem? What about a Corbin seat? Is it any better, or will I have to get a sheepskin pad or something? The Corbin only costs $60 more, so I could handle that. If I want to mod the DR for a little better performance, where should I look for parts? I'll want a K&N filter at the very least because of all the dust in this part of Arizona. Maybe I won't even feel the need for more power. My last dual sport was an XT 550, and I thought that was fairly quick. I'm going to asume that a 2006 DR 650 will be significantly quicker than an 82 XT 550.
  14. AZMark

    DR 650 vs KLR 650

    I think I would change out the seat on either of them right away. On the KLR, mainly because the bike is very tall and I'm not. On the DR because the stock seat feels like sitting on a 4x4. I'm a little concerned that the KLR is a bit top-heavy once you have coolant and gas in it. I'm getting a dual sport because of the dirt roads I have to go over. They would ruin a street bike over time. Touring is not something I'm likely to do. Handling and acceleration on the street will be pretty important for me, as well as gas mileage.
  15. AZMark

    lowering a DRZ 400S

    What options are there for lowering a DRZ-400 other than the gel seat? I'm looking at a DR 650 as a commuter bike, but I heard the DRZ is more fun to ride. I think the DR with a gel seat may be low enough for me although I would still have the built-in lowering link as well.