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  1. It seems all these guys have covered about everything you need to know. I entered my first harescramble two weeks ago in Greensboro Ga and finished second. My buddy basically told me that it's easier to ride faster than slower and momentum is the key..... Good Luck...
  2. bhollis426

    riding during the week in SC or NC

    I'm going to start riding at francis marion on wednesdays if anyone wants to ride there.
  3. bhollis426

    New 450 EXC problem....

    Well Guys, I rode my 450 for the first time yesterday and I loved it. I'm so excited about the time I had and the technology in the bike. I had no problems except the shifting from third to fourth was a little rough but after I ran it a little it loosed up. I felt like now all I have to do is get into shape so I can haul a** the whole time instead of alternating a mile slow and a mile fast.
  4. bhollis426

    New 450 EXC problem....

    Hi guys, Thanks for checking up on me. I haven't seen it leak anymore. I'm riding it tomorrow so I'll see how it goes. I'm exicited b/c last night I installed my new Enduro Engineering Skid Plate and also put my new Bark Busters on and cut my bars to 29". I'm thrilled about riding, I hope all is well but I don't think i'll have a problem. I'll keep you posted!
  5. bhollis426

    Trail Riding

  6. bhollis426

    '04 450 EXC won't stay running

    I had that same problem before but it was with my POS 426. The ground wire that connects my kill switch together had come apart and was grounding on the frame. Just an idea...
  7. bhollis426

    New 450 EXC problem....

    I checked it again today and it is leaking around the head gasket. I was hoping it would quit but it hasn't. The coolant is flowing b/c the radiators are hot. I ran it a little today to see if maybe it would seal up. The gasket it the crush metal type that is used on some intake gaskets for cars. I'm hoping it will seal up but I don't think it's going to. Maybe the builder put the head on and then took it off for some reason. There is no steam coming from the exhaust so i'm just going to keep my fingers crossed and check it tomorrow afternoon. If it's still showing signs i'm going to take it in.... I'm really stoked about my new bike though. I bought all new pants, jersey, gloves and chest protector. My wife says the garage looks like a pumkin patch with all the orange!
  8. Hi guys, I recently sold my 426 and picked up my new 450 EXC on wednesday. I noticed a little anitfreeze around the head base when I was on the way home but I figured that it's new and it should seal up. It's leaking pretty good. There was a wet spot the size of a 5 gallon bucket in the back of my truck when I got home. It looks like it's leaking around the base gasket. But I haven't ridden it yet only cranked it up once. I called the KTM shop and they said to bring it to them and they'd hook it up for me. Is there anything I could do to keep from driving three hours. Is this a common glitch? What suggestions do you guys have.. Thanks!
  9. bhollis426

    426 Desert Tank

    Where is the cheapest place to get a new natural desert tank. or do anyone have one for sale?
  10. bhollis426

    426 dented header

    Guys, that was a great idea, I'll admit I was very spectacle but I was happily surprised when I woke this morning to find it almost gone. I refilled it to finish the job. Now I can focus on the ride next weekend in GA. Thanks fellow TTr's!
  11. bhollis426

    RM-Z 250 Horsepower

    How much horsepower does the RMZ 250 have???
  12. bhollis426

    leg getting caught on shroud

    On sunday I rode my 426 in it's first enduro. I was squeezing the tank so hard that I folded in the shrouds. It's worse on the right side. Should my plastic really do that or is that aftermarket?(Non OEM)?
  13. bhollis426

    426 dented header

    Great Ideas as usual! Thanks guys!
  14. bhollis426

    426 dented header

    Guys, What is the best way to remove a dent in the front of my headerpipe?