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  1. Thanks for all of the info guys! We used to go down to Ocotillo Wells pretty regularly when I was a kid, but that's quite a drive from northern Nevada. The terrain looks pretty similar to what I have out here in the High Desert of Southern California (which figures, since they're both in the Mojave Desert). I'll post whatever we end up doing with some pics if it happens, probably some time in April. Thanks again!
  2. Hi all, I'm trying to decide on a location for a weeklong camping/riding trip that is roughly the same distance between Victorville, CA, Sparks, NV, and Prescott, AZ (which are where my two brothers and I live). I found Beatty, NV, which looks to fit the bill, but have never been there other than driving by from Reno to Arizona. Has anyone been there? Is the riding good, and are there open trails? There will be a wide range of riding abilities, from kids to lifelong trail riders to crusty old expert-level desert racers from a forgotten era. Are locals and law enforcement friendly to riders and campers? Any other suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance! Mike
  3. ransdell2

    Looking for slip-on exhaust 03'

    I have an FMF Ti-4 slip-on w/mid-pipe if you're interested. Not 96db, but a great slipon. Let me know if you're interested, ransdell2@hotmail.com. My name is Mike