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  1. i know belray makes a decent grease but ive never used it. i think its for general purpose for ur bike, u might wanna check into that
  2. on my 125 ur not supposed to crank it down as hard as u can, but its like 8-10 ft lbs never overtighten
  3. careful with the big bore kits. my friend got a 105 kit on his 85 and messed it up in the longrun. might wanna get just a bigger bike for more reliability
  4. you may want to check the air filter too. if its really dirty it might do that too. but check what Racer24 said.
  5. get a bbr exhaust. Both my brother and his best friend have it on thiers and it sounds soooo much better than the fmf and the pro circuit. I even raced a kid with a pro circuit and his didn't sound too good. I ended up beating him and i have a stock exhaust on my ttr125.
  6. that looks awsome especially with all the black.
  7. Dude, get the yzf. if it were a 2006 then i would get the crf but its not so get the yz.
  8. that looks pretty sick. I'd try red with the black swingarm and the black forks. Looks sweet.
  9. one time me and my buddy were ridin and the cop was comin toward us, we knew we wernt in trouble, he was just gonna tell him to stop. before he could get to us we did doughnuts and started messin with him. instead of takin the trail(which there was no way he was gunna get anywhere on it) we stuck to the road and kept on pissin him off. and then we cut onto the trail, he didnt know what to do. funny shit
  10. its a 2-stroke (assuming that you have one). thats your answer. do you reall think a cop will be able to catch up to you? cops cant drive off the road into the woods, trails, or even a big field of grass. this happens all the time to me and my friends, and down here they really dont care. they just flash their lights to scare you. good response, balls deep
  11. u think that 80 motor would fit? id probably have to modify the frame and get bigger wheels
  12. well i cant really afford a nice engine, such as the 124 but theres used 65s available for me thats why i was asking. i got the 88 s-stage for xmas last year and it just doesnt run good and im tired of fiddling with it.
  13. has anyone ever put a 2-stroke 65 engine/tranny in a 50 and if so, how badass was it thinkin about doing it, if it will actually fit.
  14. good plan, unless ur gonna sell it anytime soon. u could grind it down then weld some thick metal around it and drill out a new hole and put a new bolt in it. but if ur lookin at more than 500$ for the crankcase option im having a somewhat similar problem right now, i feel your pain
  15. read what everyone said in this thread.. thoroughly.. then decide what u want (stock piston vs aftermarket)