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  1. Syscrush

    Duke 690 vs. XB9SX

    I didn't realize that I never updated this thread. I was taking a bit of a walk down memory lane and came across it just now. I'm proud to say that I got myself a leftover Duke 690 demo bike in the winter of 09/10 and have never regretted it. I didn't get to ride it much last year, but have put a bit more than 5000 miles on it so far and it's the best bike I've ever had.
  2. Syscrush

    My DR 650

    Interesting. Can you post up links to the results in question? And webash, your bike is awesome.
  3. Syscrush

    How about a 54whp WR250X?

    Sooo... It WASN'T just a dream!!!
  4. Syscrush

    Husky street tracker blog

    Very, very nice. I'm interested in doing a cafe racer based on a DR-Z400SM someday. I've bookmarked your blog, nice work.
  5. Syscrush

    Duke 690 vs. XB9SX

    I'm ashamed to say it, but after all of the research and weighing of pros & cons that I've done, I think I see another SV650 in my future. A nice new one with the full fairing, FI, and ABS.
  6. Syscrush

    Duke 690 vs. XB9SX

    I found this thread, which gives me pause about quality control / reliability of the 690 bikes. Maybe by '09 this stuff is sorted out? http://www.ktmforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=19173
  7. Syscrush

    Duke 690 vs. XB9SX

    Also, is it easy to swap laced 17" wheels from an SMR or SMC onto the Duke? I'm assuming it's a straight swap since the suspension and chassis components are so similar. Are the laced wheels heavier than the Marchesinis? Even if the bare laced wheel isn't heavier, once you've got a tube added to the mix it might be...
  8. Syscrush

    Duke 690 vs. XB9SX

    That was my impression too - but this is a guy I know and trust with a lifetime of experience riding, racing, and caring for bikes, both on-road and off. BTW - what's the accepted solution for the lean problem on these bikes?
  9. Syscrush

    Duke 690 vs. XB9SX

    I was thinking that the LC4 KTM's should be very reliable, but a buddy who's son had a 640SM had this to say: I found that very surprising. I didn't think that those kinds of issues were common, which is why I'm looking for more info here.
  10. OK, I don't know if it's in the cards this year or not, but I dearly want a new motorcycle. The two top contenders for my love and affection are an XB9SX and a KTM Duke 690. I've been lusting after some form of LC4 for a long time now. My riding is about 80% urban, 10% highway trips under 2 hours, and 10% multi-day highway trips with 5-10 hrs in the saddle. Those longer trips generally include some mountain/twisty riding too. My current ride is a semi-fightered 2000 SV650. It's a naked with OEM clip-ons and footpegs from the 650S and an R6 RSU front end (among many other mods). I have done 10-12 hour days on this bike in all weather on superslab so I don't need to be warned off of a naked bike with semi-aggressive ergos for distance riding. My wife has her own bike so I do very little 2-up riding now. I don't need more power, but I'd like less weight, less common styling, higher spec suspension and brakes, FI, and general coolness. Here's my stab at the pros and cons of both bikes, I'd love any feedback on where I'm right, wrong, or missing the point: XB9SX Pros: + Hydraulic lifters = no valve adjustments ever. + Air cooled = less tech, less maintenance. + Belt drive = no chain maintenance or adjustment. + Great looks. + Good or very good suspension. Cons: - Clunky transmission? Duke 690 Pros: + Great looks. Like, really great. + High-spec components (WP suspension, Marchesini wheels, Brembo brakes, slipper clutch). Like, really high. + Wheelie monster. WHEEEEE!!! Cons: - Chain drive - Short maintenance interval? - Not that reliable (I've heard rumors of crank and oil leak problems)? - FI issues (bikes set up very lean from the factory and having stalling probs)? Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated. Also any pointers to the "must do" mods for a 690 would be cool. Thanks, Phil.
  11. It's not close - about 3000 miles depending where you are in WA.
  12. Syscrush

    How about a 54whp WR250X?

    Oh my. Where would I have to go and how big of a security deposit would I have to put down to be able to take one for a test ride? I like my SV650 a lot, but I can't quite rid myself of the idea of going to either a Duke 690 or a WR250X. This turbo setup seems like a good substitute for the non-existent WR450X.
  13. Syscrush

    Crash, almost died on a wr250x

    OK, it does suck when someone drives at you with highbeams on, but HID's are great and there's no reason not to ride on the street at night. You just have to know what you're doing. I'm sorry to hear about your crash, I am glad that it wasn't worse. But the idea that anybody ever crashes because someone else didn't dip their highbeams or because someone else ran HID lights is pure f'n crazy. Take some responsibility for your actions and your riding abilities and shortcomings and you'll live a hell of a lot longer and happier.
  14. Syscrush

    2007 690 SM in Duke's Clothing?

    I ended up passing on that '07, in part because my SV was supposedly fixed for a 3000+ mile trip that I had planned. Of course, the SV died on the 2nd day of riding so I ended up doing a quickie purchase of another used bike while out on the road. On return from the trip I quit my job, so I'm thinking that I'll fix the SV for now and probably put down a deposit this winter on an '09 Duke or the RC4 if it materializes.
  15. Syscrush

    2007 690 SM in Duke's Clothing?

    I thought so. Thanks. Maybe I should do this.