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  1. binkli

    84 xr250r head

    My core is pretty much destroyed, but I source a core which is cracked. Going to look at it tonight, but not sure if it is possible to repair?
  2. binkli

    84 xr250r head

    Hi I just added an 84 and 86 xr250r to my collection. Unfortunatley both had dropped valves and I need heads for both. Mainly right now I am looking for a head for the 84. Anybody have any clue where to find one? Or can a cracked head be repaired? Help would be greatly appreciated !!
  3. Here is a picture of me just completing the first lap of a 2 hour moto ....ouch!!
  4. binkli

    Anybody Got Any Helmet Cam Crashes?

    Here is one of my helmet cam wipeouts from this summer. I have two cams on my helmet forward and back. My wipeout was okay, but the guy on the yellow bike gets seriously donkey kicked as he tears my seat cover off ;o) http://share.vio-pov.com/videoManager/play.php?file=MTgzMS83MDYzLmZsdl43MjA4XmN1cnRpcy5oZXJtYW5zb25AaGluei5jb20=
  5. binkli

    Videos of bad riders?

    So you bring your buddy out for his first race....you lend him a bike and all the gear needed and most importantly a helmet camera cause something this funny has got to be captured on video!! On his second wipeout at 3:36 the exhaust header lands on his a$$ and melts right though the pants and leaves a nice reminder of the race for him. I only wish I had taken better pictures of his burn!! But my favorite part of the whole race is that he gives up trying to start the bike after his 3rd wipeout and gets towed into the pits by a quad ;o) http://share.vio-pov.com/videoManager/play.php?file=MTgzMS82OTQzLmZsdl43MDg4XmN1cnRpcy5oZXJtYW5zb25AaGluei5jb20=
  6. binkli

    Narly (gnarly???) Singletrack

    I second the "Butt Pump" !!
  7. Ya I have excellent tuck and roll technique...only problem is it always ends up being on my right shoulder and now after all my tuck and roll practice my shoulder sounds like a bowl of Rice Krispies!! ( Snap, Crackle, Pop) ;o)
  8. binkli

    My first day of single track

    WEll I am headed back out to the same area this weekend... Will post video of some of the other trails this time...plus a crash or two or three
  9. binkli

    My first day of single track

    Nope sorry don't know it....I am actually from Saskatchewan but drive out to Alberta for some fun riding on some hills ;o) So I don't really know all the tracks.
  10. binkli

    My first day of single track

    Ya I was ok...just a few scratches and a really dented bark buster ;o)
  11. binkli

    My first day of single track

    Trails are just outside Calgary, AB in an area called Waiprous. Here is a link to a map. Most of the single track is not mapped yet though so I had to go with someone who knew the area. http://www.srd.gov.ab.ca/lands/recreation/fluz/ghost/brochuremaps.aspx
  12. http://share.vio-pov.com/videoManager/play.php?file=MTgzMS83Mzc0LmZsdl43NTE2XmN1cnRpcy5oZXJtYW5zb25AaGluei5jb20=
  13. binkli

    Keihin FCR 39

    Well I tried to take it back to the guy last night saying it was the wrong carb but of course he had spent the money already!! Looks like I have a paper weight! Is there any point even trying to put it on the DRZ?? Or do I quit while I am ahead and order the TT package ;o)
  14. binkli

    Keihin FCR 39

    So now that I actully sit and look at this carb I know it is not off a DRZ400e model as it has a hot start. Where do I measure to see what size of fcr it is? Here are some photo's any help would be appreciated. Like I said before the code stamped on the carb itself is 5UL1 00QH01