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  1. fix it woooohooooo. turns out i figure that the bike had a pipe on it or something .toke the carb out to look at jet size it had a 162 not a 142 .put a 142 in she runs just fine now. dam eyes r getting old on me. thank u all !!!!!!
  2. no clue y it was parked . air fuel screw is set at 2 1/2 .i removed the plug to get to it to strip the carb to clean it . and the slide is free no holes in the diaphragm. it will not start on choke.and as sone as its pulled it dies rite out . i have done more then my fair share of carbs in my day but i just dont get this bike thank you all hope we can get to the bottom of this
  3. no mods bikes bone stock .
  4. its clean . and its a 142 main . i dont get this. the carb has got to be clean.
  5. its all stock . i got the bike not running. i didnt check the jet size. thanks 4 the fast replys and the help!!!
  6. yes i even tryed runng off a fuel bottol vac line caped off. 1 thing is it starts no ckoke. if u put choke on it dies out
  7. hi everyone i need help i have a 2003 drz400s it idles fine starts ezay but if u rev it it will rev fine 1 time then the 2 time u rev it it cuts out and dies like its getting no fuel but i striped carb soaked it for days. and its doing the same thing no change . the bike only has 4000miles .and was stored for years before i got it . carb is getting fuel . i set float level did every thing i can think of. pleas help
  8. thank you all for a very honest replies . i think i will hold out and buy a drz400sm and keep the multi . i do alot of 150 200 mile days i realy would love to have a sm and a set of dirt rims thanks all
  9. i have always lusted for a drz400sm even before i got my duck . i use to have a 1995 dr350se and sooooo miss that bike . i have had alot of bikes in my past but the dr was the most fun . i remember thinking if only it had road tires. but this was back in 95 supermoto wasnt a big thing. i would like to hear from other sportbike riders who have traded there sportbike in for a drz400sm. thanks
  10. 1 word flatside