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  1. The Gasman

    What Pants Survive Knee Braces???

    The TLD SE stuff holds up really good. I even have the Vented GP stuff that will probably make it through its second season, braces and all.
  2. The Gasman

    Aftermarket Product Mark-ups

    Im not into the Mini bikes, but isnt BBR considered to be more high end? The market has set what people are willing to pay for it and their the ones who put alot of the risk into alot of the aftermarket products. I remember a few years back they were one of the only ones making aftermarket products for the minis.
  3. The Gasman

    Need some tips on Muscle training

    If you seperate your cardio from weight training by 12 hours you shouldnt have a problem. It just takes a lot of dedication. Cardio in the morning and weights in the afternoon or vice versa.
  4. The Gasman

    racing fuels?

    I use Trick GP, 97 octane. Its pretty good stuff. I dont have access to a Dyno(or spellcheck), but I think my bike is alot more snapier with race gas.
  5. Not all stations use "Blending" yet. Id say you get a 1/10 of a gallon, if that, from the customer before you. The build up in the boot of the nozzle is usually from other people topping off their tanks but could be from other things too. If your that worried you should just run race gas.
  6. The Gasman

    Wrist injury ?

    I had an 85% tear of the cartilage in my wrist. Had the scope and the clean up at the begining of October and it kept me off my bike until the first week of January. It felt good enough to ride in December but the Doctor wanted me to wait until February, so I figured January was a good compromise.
  7. The Gasman

    what are the best goggles out there?

    I like The Dragon MDX. They feel good and have tear off posts. They start at 35, tinted lenses are only 5 bucks and if you order from them you get a free hat and I think free shipping. http://www.dragonestore.com/Merchant4/merchant.mv?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=DO&Category_Code=MX
  8. The Gasman

    Really good tire guage?

    I like this one, a litle spendy but it will last a lifetime. http://buy1.snapon.com/catalog/item.asp?P65=&tool=all&item_ID=12319&group_ID=1666&store=snapon-store&dir=catalog
  9. The Gasman

    Your bike is set up like a Goon if:

    Solution: Discover a vagina and you wont worry about what other people are doing. Even the goons are out there having fun, which is what this is all about.