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  1. And I've had more stuff vibrate off my KLR than these guys are talking about. I like the "back to basics" of the China bikes. When my roketa has a catastrophic failure I'll jack up the farkles and back another under them.
  2. Growing up a farm boy in PA we had some really exotic machines. My step-father bought my sister an Allstate scooter in the mid/early 60's but I commandeered it the second day. Best stunt was to skip across the pond using the floorboards like water skis. The next year I spent my hard earned money on a Yamaha Big Bear 250 scrambler. That lasted about a year till I grenaded the engine. Traded what was left for a Bridgestone 100 mx; fast little sucker! After I got drafted in 1970 I went through a series of Honda CBs, CLs, and SLs. Then in '77 I got the first (and possibly the only) Suzi PE 250 that came into the shop in Savannah, GA. Rode it to work all week and then tore up SETRA on the weekend.
  3. Only really weak spot of the KLR is the cam Chain Tensioner aka doohickey.. KLR650.net used to be the place for info on the bike but they have had some problems of late. Aftermarket: http://www.dual-star.com/index2/Brand/Kawasaki/For_KLR_650s.htm http://www.tpimotorcycleparts.com/ http://www.klr650.com/ These should get you started and there are plenty more. Try the TraiTech HID for additional lighting.
  4. troll or not, I gotta tell ya that I'm considering a ChiComm bike. I'm looking for something to learn the basics of 'tard. do I want to trash a good bike? Nah, I'll do that later. But I'll start by throwing this one around for a while.
  5. Arrowhead Motorsports http://www.angelfire.com/ut/moab/ talk to Fred