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  1. the only thing i would do different is build removable bike stand under the bike,to keep the bike from compressing on big bumps. i hit a big bump and the bike flew forward and broke out the glass on my truck topper
  2. tt500blaster

    2003 tahoe toyhauler

    you might be able to search thor wander they use to be the same campers
  3. why dont you take the front wheels off the bike?
  4. tt500blaster

    85 in a camper shell?

    i have fit a 93 rmx and a 98 ktm 300 in the back of my nissan truck with a topper. had to pull the wheels off the bikes .and we would take the front wheel off of my sons sx 85 and compress the front forks with a tiedown it fit nicely in there as well
  5. tt500blaster

    showers & enclosed trailers

  6. tt500blaster

    To Chadwick this wknd anyone?!?! Mark Twain National Forest

    no mx track the whole place can be rode on a dirtbike .nice camp grounds have fun
  7. tt500blaster

    1997 Nissan Pickup

    i have had 3 nissans there great 20 mpg on the 2 wheel drive 18 mpg on the 4x4
  8. tt500blaster

    Enclosed Trailer Setups

    you could always use shag carpet
  9. ne dirtbiker you going to hit some enduros with us this fall? i might be able to hit bartlett if my doc says its ok i had back surgery 7 weeks ago
  10. if they held the enduro with 5 inches of rain + 80 bikes. the ground was already wet it sure would have been a muddy f%!k fest. thats not my idea of a fun race.last year we drove more than 3hours to race got there and then they cancelled the race. plus there is no reason to chap the landowners asses we already lost a bunch of land because of that. if you like riding muddy slop, river valley offroad park is perfect after a rain
  11. tt500blaster

    Enclosed Trailer Setups

    great idea on the bunk beds looks cool:thumbsup:
  12. tt500blaster

    improving fuel mileage

    i have a 2007 silverado with the 4.8, bone stock and it gets the same gas mileage as your ram.9-10 mpg pulling a enclosed trailer . does you truck shift down a lot going up hills? i was thinking about some upgrades for more power but i dont want to get even crappier mileage
  13. tt500blaster

    How to Tie Down Quads

    i just thought that was an Iowa thing and why waste a rubber band