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  1. Get sand under your "tare offs" and watch em scratch
  2. I use the EBC 280mm kit with a braided stainless line. Its touchy, but it still has some potential. I have heard that the 09 CRF master cylinder will help, but I am unwilling to TRY it for 150 bucks. Plus, its a Honda part....wouldn't it be smarter to just buy a full Brembo setup? Haha
  3. I know that KP's cut on the bottom of his foot was from compression and extension and a broken bone blowing it out. Nothing to do with the boot. Reed's tib/fib break was most likely caused by the knee brace. I prefer my SG12's.
  4. I installed a Z-start pro on my 2010 YZ450f about a year ago, the clutch and bike have about 45 hours on it. Well since my recent trip to the track I cannot spin the rear wheel by hand while the bike is in gear on the stand (engine off). When I first installed the clutch, the rear wheel would spin while in gear (not free-spin, but spin with little effort). So my question is, is the rear wheel supposed to spin while in gear? or is it supposed to be tough to turn?
  5. Has anyone ever used a WPS chain? Found a 25ft roll of Gold plated chain on Amazon for around 100 bucks. What do you guys think?
  6. The best thing I got for my 06 was $2500 so I could go buy a '10
  7. Hammerhead on mine as well. Had some issues with the pin pushing out on a jump, contacted the company and took about 4 months to finally get a replacement. I'll pass on Hammerhead products from now on.
  8. Bingo Steve
  9. I'm speaking in terms of the link with the engine collars. The collars pushing the engine 2mm forward. Just reporting what I felt, I'm not claiming to understand the geometry of the bike. I think we can all agree that the bike has problems, but for some reason, pushing the engine forward and lowering the bike made for a very unsettling feeling. Maybe its reverse in the southern hem?
  10. Sorry for the delay in a review. I tried the collars with a few different set ups. I wanted to get a feel for them all and compare to see where each were. All setups include the Lightspeed collars, and different variations while using them. 1. Pro Circuit Link w/ forks raised 5mm- First off; I hated this. I literally scared me in every corner of the track. The front end was all too responsive and wanted to "knife in" every time I moved the bars. I rode about 2 laps with this and quickly came to change it. 2. Pro Circuit Link w/ forks level with clamps- The bike really felt the same as before, with the forks raised, but it wasn't as nervous in the corners. Still very responsive, and had the same knifing characteristics as previously mentioned. 3. Stock Link w/ forks raised 5 mm- The bike felt 10x's better than with the PC link. (I know the instructions say to run the stock link, but I wanted to try different settings and I already had the PC link on the bike.) It handled well, I wouldn't put it on par with a Suzuki, but the collars definitely helped the "light front end" feel that everyone seems to suffer with. 4. Stock Link w/ forks level with clamps- I went back and forth between the forks being flush and raised 5mm. Somewhere in-between 0-5mm i found to be the money spot. The bike didn't handle much differently as mentioned in #3. Overall, I'm satisfied with the product. It helps put just a little weight on the front tire, gives it a more planted feel and eliminates the tendency to guess whether or not your front tire is going to say "see ya" middle of the way through the corner. Do I believe that it is an "end all" fix for the 10-12 YZ's? - NO, its a bandaid fix at best. It helps, and if your willing to play with suspension clickers and fork height adjustment to find that sweet spot it very well be the last thing that you do buy to fix the handling woes of your YZ.
  11. I barely use fast does the thing eat batteries?
  12. If I press the power button on my tuner without it plugged into the Bike, it comes on fine and I can create maps and whatnot. But, when I plug it in and press the power button nothing happens. It Will not turn on at all. Any ideas?
  13. If you have owned 7 yamaha's and this is your first water pump seal to go bad...consider yourself lucky
  14. RIght on. I just ordered the Lightspeed kit. I didn't want to spend the extra 50 bucks on the DR.D kit. Hopefully mine will make it to me in the next week or so and I'll give a review on it as well.
  15. Maybe some of the guys who bought the first production run will chime in about how they work. Thankfully they came out with a straight up bolt on kit. BBrown, when you get yours be sure to update all of us