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  1. One thing for sure is that it is over priced. But they do work, so not snake oil.
  2. KTM wet weight = Yamaha dry weight. That is a ton!!!
  3. I'm with Matty05, I would say you have an exhaust leak. If you are certain you don't, you might have to clean out your keihin again. Probably gummed up port in it some where.
  4. it makes a little bit of a difference, but any more than 3, 3 1/2 turns out, it doesn't do much at all. If your pilot is too small, turning the FMS all the way out won't make it flow any more. The range is like 1 turn to 3 turns out.
  5. Fuel mixture screw is for tuning the pilot circuit, how ever, it effects the needle and main circuits.
  6. About $300 actually......
  7. Make sure you get triple clamp mounts for what ever you decide! They are heaps stronger.
  8. I don't even think about even starting my new bikes untill they have been stripped and greased! It saves lots of and later on.
  9. A shim is a shim dude. Go for who ever is cheapest if you buy a kit. You don't need new pistons for your forks, the stock ones are very good now days. You can drill them out if you need more flow.
  10. That pretty much sums up the whole bike movement over here......... As for the Q2, it is anything but quiet! Waste of money IMO. The best would be the procircuit 496, at least you can uncork that thing to actually produce power. It produces more power on the YZF's than the Q2 in corked up form too. I'm with you Matty05, buy a pipe for power! If not, you are wasting your time and money. For all the people that actually have noise restrictions, the procircuit 496 is the way to go.
  11. I run it in the 500. 2 strokes need lead. It is anything but wrong! Way cheaper than U4 and goes just as good. I take it you have never had a 2 stroke let alone run avgas. It works in the 4 bangers, but doesn't have as much of an effect as it does with the 2 strokes. Definately noticable though. I am more worried about what it does to the valves. U4 only in the 4 strokes, sorry.
  12. They are completely different. A YZ flywheel will not fit a WR nowdays.
  13. A YZ250F would be perfect for you. I can whip all the big bores on my YZ250F, very easily in the woods. Mind you, it pumps out about 40hp now with engine work done. I can go way faster on the WR450, but it is hard to keep the pace up. It is far too heavy. Better for the faster flowing stuff like trails and desert. Not tight woods. As stated before, skip the WR250F unless you want to ride it on the road. If you really like to be aggressive, nothing says it more than a 2 stroke. Get some balls. Get a CR500AF!!!
  14. For that type of riding, go the 952's. trust me. I was a maxxis man, now dunlop.