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  1. SuzukiRacer66

    RMX vs RM 250 crank seals?

    09283-38018 is the Suzuki part number for the RH (clutch side) oil seal on a 1998 RMX250, and the dimensions are 38X52X8 (not 7mm wide). Also for the 1998 model, the LH (stator side) oil seal's part number is 09283-25083 with dimensions of 25X37X6. I just changed mine last week. Not sure what the RM's crank seal numbers and/or dimensions are, but for the 1994 and 1998 RMX's, the seal part numbers are identical. If you have a 1994, the RH seal numer of 09283-38018 should fit. I'm not 100% sure of this, but I believe the 1989 - 1993 RMX's had a 36mm diameter oil seal ID on the clutch side. Maybe you have a 1993 model? Just put a vernier or micrometer on it to confirm. A.J.
  2. SuzukiRacer66


    Rich: I hear ya buddy. fre043:US Suzuki will never import this - it was put together by UK Suzuki. Wow, a larger gas tank, weak UFO hand (dust?) guards, an O-ring chain and BNG's. That sure makes it a serious enduro weapon! The stock close-ratio gearbox alone limits its use. Face reality guys, money talks, and the $-strokes are where the money is. Not only has Suzuki abandoned us 2-stroke aficionados, they have also abandoned us off-roaders. Although $-stroke's, where are the RMZ450X and RMZ250X. Every other manufacturer has them EXCEPT SUZUKI! I wish Suzuki would make me "eat my words", but I seriously doubt it. A.J.
  3. SuzukiRacer66

    1970's Suzuki Tc 185 ranger

    I just had to jump in when I saw the title. My second bike was this 1974 TS185 - my favorite bike of all the ones I've owned over the past 36+ years. There are a zillion different gearbox oil choices - just make sure the one you use will work with a wet clutch too. Spectro, Motul, etc. BTW, C.C.I. is crancase, cylinder injection.
  4. SuzukiRacer66

    decisions decisions....94 rmx

    Thanks for the bike compliment my friend. Selling it is completely a subjective decision. If it's just sitting doing nothing, I'd sell it. Most of us become too emotionally attached to our bikes (of which I'm guilty), and when that happens, logic flies out the window. If you have no practical use for the RMX, see what you can sell it for. It's an inanimate object. Let it go! Don't get me wrong - I'm 100% in love with my RMX, but if I had a GasGas (or 2!), I just might let the RMX out to pasture - regardless of who wants to buy it - as much as I'd like to "frame" it on my garage wall. Jut try not to let emotions bias your decision. Best of luck! A.J.
  5. SuzukiRacer66

    2010 Rm250??

    Rich: You and these other guys just had to drag me back into this fantasy - didn't you? Sadly, I think we're all dreaming. Along with what RMX250rider said (Suzuki is pure thumper), several other issues work against us. Not only is Suzuki pure thumper, but they're also moving towards pure street bikes too (despite their MX and off-road success). They're pumping zillions of $'s into their MotoGP team, yet still running mid-pack, and you see how much they spend on AMA superbike racing also! I've said it before, but just scroll though their web-site and do the math. Street Bikes = 47 models (42-'09's + 5-'08's). Dirt Bikes = 9 models (7-'09's, 1-'08 + 1 left over '07)!!! Sure they make more money on the street bikes, but Suzuki has traditionally been heavy into dirt bikes. Now, they've abandoned us. True - all the Japanese are on the $-stroke band wagon, but at least Yamaha, Kawasaki and Honda offer WR's, KLX's and CR-FX's respectively. Suzuki? ZERO! Don't get me wrong - 4-strokes are good, but not for me. I'd be the happiest guy if miraculously Suzuki offered an RMX300. I'd mount my '98 RMX250 on the garage wall for sentimental value, and go buy the 300. Sadly, hell will probably freeze over first. Nothing wrong with dreaming guys, but face reality. Suzuki has abandoned us.
  6. SuzukiRacer66

    OEM Online Stores?

    You will probably receive several different replies, and everyone is entitled to their opinion. Each of their favorite on-line stores may just be the best for each individual, respectively. I've owned many Suzuki's, including my current '98 RMX250 and my son's '00 RM80. My local non-franchised dealer went out of business a few months ago, so I've been ordering my Suzuki OEM parts (and aftermarket accessories) from www.babbittsonline.com They're in Michigan, and although I'm in Florida, they ship orders immediately and at very reasonable prices. I will try Thumpertalk soon, as I do scroll through this site a lot. Good luck.
  7. SuzukiRacer66

    1974 TS185 Throttle Linkage

    m_son17: Just go through a process of elimination, checking each item from top to bottom. With everything connected, ensure that: 1. you can twist the throttle +/-3mm before the carb slide starts to open. 2. the cable is properly seated in the throttle grip housing adjuster (+/-3mm slack). 3. the cable is properly seated in the carburetor slide adjuster (+/-3mm slack). 4. the cable is properly seated in the oil pump adjuster (+/-3mm slack). 5. the idle screw is backed out enough so the slide isn't open (remove the airbox and look in if necessary) The slide will only fit one way, so there's no chance of it being off by 180 degrees. Good luck. Your bike pictures sure bring back great memories. Just as rmzpegger said - my '74 TS185 was one of the most reliable bikes I've ever owned. I beat it to death on my dad's farm, riding it hard and putting it away wet, yet she never failed to start and run reliably every time! Hope you cure your apparent throttle/carburetor problem. A.J.
  8. SuzukiRacer66

    1974 TS185 Throttle Linkage

    The most loved bike I've ever owned in the 36+ years I've been riding dirt bikes. here's my '74 TS185. Not sure what you're asking. The throttle cable splits into two sections - the piece that goes into the engine connects to the oil pump for the CCI (crankcase cylinder injection) which pumps the 2-stroke oil. The second piece attaches to the carburetor. What do you mean by "I can't seem to get it strung into the T" ??? Post a picture of your bike please.
  9. SuzukiRacer66

    Rmx 250 93

    Welcome to the (Suzuki abandoned) world of RMX250's. Up is the choke "on" position, and conversely, down is the "off" position. Your Suzuki dealer should be able to confirm your year, given the correct serial number. You could also browse this site http://www.suzukicycles.org/All-Suzuki/all_suzuki_models.html and compare your RMX to these pictures, possibly ascertaining the year. Good luck.
  10. SuzukiRacer66

    rmx 250

    The RMX 250 was not imported into the USA after the 1998 model, hence this part number 37820-14X50 may or may not fit your 2000. It's for the '98 which I have. Maybe one of your fellow "down under" riders will respond. Or simply check with your dealer. Many aftermarket kill-switches are available and will plug right in. I don't know for a fact, but I think the post-'98 RMX's sold in Australia are based off the same year RM's, so check kill-switches for those too. Good luck.
  11. I'm with you Rich. I love the e-start feature of the KTM, but am not so thrilled with the non-linkage rear suspension. In all honesty though, I've ridden a couple KTM's and didn't notice much of a difference over smaller bumps/roots/rocks/etc. I like the 6-speed on the GasGas, but it's tough to beat KTM's overall package of great bikes, good dealer network, incentives, etc. Although my RMX still has lots of time left to go, I don't want to ride it until something breaks that cannot be replaced, so my plan is to ride it for another 6 - 9 months, then store it for sentimental value. Then, I'll see what 2010 models are offered by all manufacturers and pick one up. BTW, in the second set of pictures, I see that you installed the trip meter cable holder on the fork. Glad I could contribute my 2 cents worth :-) A.J.
  12. Sadly for us RMX owners (and anyone who knows how good they are), Suzuki is so much into street bikes and ATV's that there is a "slim to none" chance that they will ever offer an updated RMX - much less ANY 2-stroke. As much as the Japanese are on the $-stroke wagon, Suzuki is the only one that doesn't offer an off-road version of their mx bikes. It's ironic that they do so well in GNCC and other off-road categories, yet ZERO off-road/enduro type models. Some of us had held out a glimmer of hope that something would have been released for 2009, but still ZERO. As I've said a zillion times before - I love my RMX and will continue riding it for a while, but make no mistake - I will not hesitate to buy another brand when the itch for a new bike starts, and more than likely, it will be a KTM, GasGas or Husky. I know sales in the off-road category are way down, so Suzuki may be smiling that they didn't spend money to develop and release an off-road model, but that's okay Suzuki - keep smilin'. I'll be smilin' too on my new brand. A.J.
  13. SuzukiRacer66

    Buddy's RMX

    Not that this is "gospel", but this site http://www.suzukicycles.org/All-Suzuki/all_suzuki_models.html shows that the RMX produced 40hp up to the '94 model, jumped to 51hp for the '95 - 97 models, then back down to 40hp for the '98. However, it also lists '99 and later models which were not sold here in the USA. Consequently, this may not be an "apples to apples" comparison for RMX's sold in the USA. I would have to assume that the 40hp figure is more applicable to (stock) USA bikes since our models came with the very restrictive (but quiet) exhaust, lower compression, etc.. A.J.
  14. SuzukiRacer66

    Buddy's RMX

    You guys are all wrong. The top speed (terminal velocity) an RMX - or any bike for that matter - is completely independent of it's gearing. In a free fall, an '89 RMX250 will stay "neck and neck" with any year KTM 250EXC, accelerating at a rate of approximately 32 yds per second, per second until obtaining a top speed of almost 200 mph !!!
  15. SuzukiRacer66

    torque specs?? help

    Here are the torque specifications for a 1998 RMX250. Should be identical to the '98 RM250, but I had to add that caveat. Suzuki does not list torque specs for the case, center case and side cover bolts, but instead lists the following: Bolt diameter (NOT head size!) 4mm - 1.5 lb/ft, 5mm - 3.5 lb/ft, 6mm - 7.0 lb/ft. That should easily cover those bolts. case bolts?? - see above center cases? - see above Side covers? - see above cylinder base? - 27.5 lb/ft Cylinder head? - 20.0 lb/ft Ignition? - 58 lb/ft (I assume you meant the magneto rotor) Rad valve? - see 4/5/6mm torque specs (I assume you meant the reed block) If you really want to torque the side cover/center case/case/reed block bolts (I never), I'd suggest you borrow or buy an inch/pound wrench. Trying to set a regular foot/pound wrench to such low values will probably not give you an accurate result. A.J.