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  1. mx_racer32

    4 up transmission interchangeability

    I bought an apollo rfz125 last year and love it. A couple weeks ago I got a flat at the track on my mx bike so I decided to ride the apollo. Being bored I pushed it too hard and ended up breaking 3rd gear in the transmission on a jump. Does anyone know what transmission gears will drop in for this 4 up manual? Will a crf70 or crf110 gears work? I can’t get any confirmation on this rfz engine on who actually makes it. I suspected it was a Lifan but after research I was told no. I just want to know what I can do to replace 3rd without buying a new engine for $300. Thanks for the help
  2. mx_racer32

    1981 xr80 fixer upper all original CL find

    I will be leaving it stock. But I have a 2nd 81 that I may mod lightly. That would be the one with black wheels. If I decide to go that route. It's on the back burner for now as I concentrate on this one. I'm currently having some trouble getting it to run properly tho. It will start up and idle but it seems to run hot quickly and any time I give it gas past 1/8th throttle it bogs and misses. No backfiring. It has fresh gas and plug. I tried adjusting the points and installed new ones. No difference. I swapped over to a cdi from another xr80 I have and got rid of the points all together. Starts easier but same problem. I purchased a carb on eBay (new) and put it in still same problem. I sprayed carb cleaner all around the intake bolt, carb and intake manifold/cylinder to see if there was an air leak somewhere but the bike never idled up. Timing is correct as is the valve clearance. I found that when I shut the gas off after it fires it will rev out and run much better. I'm thinking the float on both carbs was out of adjustment. Heck of a coincidence. I've never adjusted one on these bikes. I have a set of feeler gauges. I've googled how to do it and it sounds like holding the carb at a 90 degree angle is the best bet. So that's my next step. Once it's mechanically sound il start on the cosmetics.
  3. mx_racer32

    1981 xr80 fixer upper all original CL find

    I'm thinking maybe a mod should move this to vintage ? Vintage is 30yrs or older. Might get more hits over there. Bike was priced right. Truly a find for sure. Lucky I was able to get it.
  4. I've always had a soft spot for these bikes. I found one in pieces years ago and planned on fixing it up. But motocross, work and chasing girls seemed to take priority. Now that I'm currently bike less (temporarily without a MX bike) and settled down with a girl I thought I would reinvest some time and effort into my '81. It's been a problem child since day one with the engine so I was looking for a complete engine or parts bike on CL when I came across this almost all original '81 that's been forgotten about. I figured it was a better starting point to work with so I bought it. It didn't run all that well and was getting hot after a little putting around so I figured the timing was off. I pulled the flywheel and found this I also found zero clearance on the intake/exhaust valves. The previous owner informed me he 'adjusted them'. Thanks! Haha. I look forward to building both bikes up. One all original /oem as best I can. Then I'd like to build another that isn't perfect I can beat on a little around the neighborhood. Maybe keep it all stock looking except some Black rims. I did a quick search on google images and I have yet to see this year bike with little to no mods and Black wheels. I think it'll look cool. Both should be a fun tinker project.
  5. mx_racer32

    Anyone familiar with Privateer Connection?

    i agree, thats why i said "that in itself is amazing" because someone ALWAYS has something to cry about. even if its perfect. and then there are always those freak incidents whether it be the part manufacturer, tuner, or rider's fault where something breaks\goes wrong etc, and the fact that hes been in business for a while and i have yet to hear anything like that is crazy. I can also say that troy crisp at BDR does great suspension work too, as ive ridden his stuff and i liked it. I agree we are lucky, i hear there are some good guys down in GA too. way better off going with a good local guy then calling up one of the big names and giving them your weight, and assumed riding capabilities and they just send out parts...thats for darn sure!
  6. mx_racer32

    Anyone familiar with Privateer Connection?

    ive heard mixed reviews on FTi, but thats 2nd hand info. ive never dealt or ridden any of their stuff so you can take that with a grain of salt. i do know chuck over at privateer connection does great work, and is a nice guy to boot. hes helped me on several occasions just for the sake of helping. i have NEVER, ever heard of one problem or negative thing said about chuck, his business PC, or any of his work. From friends, strangers, or people online. That in itself is amazing. It has been quoted that after he setup a local riders suspension, they said it was so good "its like cheating". Just know that I can vouch for PC and know you'll get quality service over at privateer connection.
  7. mx_racer32

    EFI owners, bike bogging? "The fix" with pics

    there are only two wires from the wiring harness clip, where they are on the clip (offset to one side) line it up with the bottom terminals on the bottom of the pump where the harness clips in, then look at the top of the plastic housing and line up the two wires on the two metal prongs that match up with where the wires on the harness clip is.
  8. drunk wbgva birds or do you mean chickens that you eat? yep, great time had by all. even with the bumps, bruises and battered bikes. team turtle represents well in wbgva!
  9. mx_racer32

    Radiators are either cheap or expensive, help

    do i dare try camp? i dont know what a hinson clutch 'case' is. you mean clutch cover? or do you mean basket\inner hub? the OEM basket is def. the weak point of the bike, but it has more to do with the 4 spring setup then it does with the actual basket because my '07 had 200 hours on it with the stock basket (basket is same between the 07 an 09 fyi) and the only difference is the 4 spring setup. but moving away from that and back to your list... stock junk valves? hmm, 100 hours on my 09, not one shim needed yet, 200 hours on my '07 when i traded it in on my 09...never had to shim that either. i usually get 100 hours\year on my bike. 2 years on one bike and one year on this 09 with zero problems, yep, junk! stock cam, ive never had ONE problem out of mine, on any honda 450f ive ever owned. how did your cam fail? honestly i dont know if ive ever seen a cam fail on a honda from normal use with regular maintainence. now if your looking to move the power around, gain more bottom, top whatever, then changing the lift\lobe\duration the valves are opened with be accomplished through an aftermarket cam, but to say the stock is junk, well that makes no sense. DNA wheels are by far the cheapeast and least reliable wheels on the market. Honda OEM wheels are by FAR the lightest wheels out of all the OEM and aftermarket wheels, period. less unsprung weight is a good thing. DNA wheels are some of the heaviest, regardless of oem or aftermarket. couple that with rim breakage, constant loose nipples, id have to upstage your dna is better then oem wheels. im pretty sure everyone would agree except for a few that are trying to justify purchasing $500 junk wheels that wont hold up to any abuse other then that from a D rider. im just sayin. stock chain vs x-ring? well this is apples to oranges. thats like saying renthal twinwall bars are less prone to bending then some 7/8 renthals. this is true, and the x-ring may last longer, but its also more weight...which is a drag on the engine. x-rings are geared more for off-road riders, not motocross or supercross riders, which is what the CRF450R was designed for. i can all but gurantee that stock fork springs, and race tech, pro-action, etc are on the same level. unless you are buying Ti springs, there should be no performance gain from either, period. stock super cooler? whats this, you mean the waterpump cover? boysen, great company. what if i live somewhere that never gets over 80 degrees outside. what if im up in the northwest or canada? i dont need that extra cooling. why would i want to pay more for it? i dont. honda builds a bike that can be used by a variety of people, variety of skill levels on a variety of terrain. i bet you someone who had the know-how can make your stock suspension (crappy oem stuff) work much better for you with fine tuning and re-shimming, then if you were to order a basic aftermarket suspension kit (springs, valving setup, etc) and install it. hopefully you'll understand some of this, but it is the internet so im not hoping for much. I use as much OEM honda stuff as I can, but there are certain things i wont. IE i have a barnette clutch basket. I also dont run stock grips because they give me serious blisters. I also dont run the stock dunlops on my bike, i prefer bridgestone m604s. When my stock sunstar sprockets wear out, i replace it with the same ones, i like them and think they offer great value for the money. i use oem honda fork seals, as well as any gaskets i may need for my bikes. if and when its time for a rebuild, i'll be going back all oem. i think honda has a great bike with great parts, nothing is bomb proof, but im willing to bet some old Xr's are bullet proof.
  10. mx_racer32

    crf 450 09/10

    ive only seen the carbon fiber protectors, its basically a a big carbon fiber sticker that is pressed on to the actual honda cover, no full-on carbon covers.
  11. mx_racer32

    dissecting my efi prob. pics\vids

    shawn, if you go back you'll see thats basically what i did, i splashed gas down the cylinder and it fired. (BTW, i did try bump starting prior to that and nothing) but the splash of gas did the trick. started 4th kick yesterday after sitting all night. (2 slow primer kicks, 2 from TDC) took it for some 'sweet high speed passes' down my street, seemed fine. going to take it easy for a few laps when i hit the track this weekend...so weird. where is the thread on the throttlebody filter? i didnt even know the TB had a filter...
  12. mx_racer32

    dissecting my efi prob. pics\vids

    cjmx- i laid the tank over the frame, as in i quickly set it down to kick it before the gas evaporated, i didnt lay the entire bike over, if thats what you meant. still doesnt make sense...we'll see what happens later today after work and i'll report back.
  13. mx_racer32

    Radiators are either cheap or expensive, help

    fluidyne have been the standard for oversized cooling needs in mx, and they are a little more then oem but much stronger and provide better cooling. the cheap radiators you see are china knockoffs, unfortunately for the american workforce... they work and perform just as good. i ordered a set for a friends 450f yamaha and they were solidly built, polished, thicker mouting points and held more coolant then stock. so far, so good, hes been running them a couple months.
  14. mx_racer32

    dissecting my efi prob. pics\vids

    update: after trying a few things i still got nothing. i pulled the pump again, filled the assembly with gas and jumped the wires and the pump pushed gas through the feeder line on the bottom with ease...so its getting power, its pushing fuel and im getting spark. i pull the plug and even after kicking and kicking its dry...i put a new plug in just for good measure, and tried again, nothing. i was to the point of just pure aggervation, i cant for the life of me figure out what the deal is. i finally took and eye dropper full of gas and put it down the spark plug hole, reinstalled the plug, laid the tank over the frame, 2nd kick the damn thing starts. i let it idle for about 2 minutes, shut off the cold start knob after about 15 seconds. i blipped the throttle some and it was crisp\responsive. i shut it off. let it stand about 2 minutes and then kicked again and it fired right up. this time after it got up to running temp i went to 3/4 throttle (all of this on the stand) and all is good. so ***? im going to do a test ride down the street tomorrow, but ive never had to do this, i SHOULDNT of had to do this but yet its all good now. any ideas guys?
  15. mx_racer32

    dissecting my efi prob. pics\vids

    yes, i checked the ground, and all is tight. i also see the bracket's lower mounting point IS grounded so that small eye hook is of no matter either way. i made some small jumper wires and went to town, i tested the pump in the plastic housing, eliminating the contacts in the pump housing from being bad\broken or corroded, the 9v hooked to the entire housing works. then i attached those same jumpers directly to the pump and instead of using the 9v, i plugged them into the clip connector on the bike that attaches at the bottom of the pump, while kicking the bike the fuel pump functioned properly, so its getting juice\running. i have spark as ive mentioned and my air filter is freshly cleaned. im going to re-assemble everything once again and kick this damn thing until my leg falls off. eddie (and others), how many kicks from tdc does it take after you do a filter change\pump pull?