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  1. speed2101

    wanted Klx 300 acerbis fuel tank.

    Thanks for the replyes.I am going to just order up a new acerbis fuel tank. Tks Dan.
  2. speed2101


    For some reason I could not figure out how to post a pic. so here is a link to my photo's online. http://www.dualsportbc.com/photogallery/showgallery.php?cat=500&ppuser=108
  3. Just hoping someone out there has one they wanted to sell.
  4. speed2101


    here is the link to the adventure riderers forum. http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=107591&page=3 another site with lots of info is. http://www.kawasakiforums.com/forumid_69/tt.htm Ive had my KLX250s now for 2 month,put 3000km on it.mostly off road.and love the bike,more and more after every ride!!!! I have been riding with mainly klr650's and dr650's off road on trails and mountain bike single track and they have to work their butts of to keep up.the only place the 250 lags is trying to keep up on the high speed blast home after the ride. I've done most of the talked about mods. Muzzy klx300 exhaust. klx 300 jet kit. modified the airbox lid. drilled the crankcase vent. 13 tooth front sprocket. moose skid plate. acerbis hand gaurds. heated vest. heated grips. led tail light. this little 250 rocks.
  5. speed2101

    KLX250 mods WOW!!!

    Here is what I did today to the little klx. added klx300 muzzy full exhaust. klx300 Dyno jet kit. crankcase breather mod. 13 tooth sprocket. air box snorkel removed. took it out for a little rip and can sum up the difference in one word. WOW!!!!!!!! pulls hard from about 3000rpm right up to redline. revs way quicker. lofting the front wheel is now as simple as wot. and the exhaust note is awesome. this is the way kawasaki should have built this bike.
  6. speed2101

    KLX250S jetting recommendations

    Hi there.just ordered a muzzy exhaust and a jet kit for the klx.and a 13 tooth sprocket. all parts should be here in a week or so. from what i have read so far it will be a totally different machine with them on it. thanks for all your hard work.should make setting up my bike a little easier. Dan where abouts are ya located? I'm in the Duncan area.