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  1. bzackrie

    09 clutch - longest lasting

    Prolly 100+ hours on my 09 using Rotella T and still on the stock clutch.
  2. bzackrie

    2008 front brake line on 2009?

    Will a 2008 front brake line fit/work on a 2009 KX450F, im looking to get a braided front line for my 2009 from msr but I dont know if it will work on the 2009. Sometimes MSR doesnt have their parts catalog updated yet, for example I ordered fork seals for my 09 that it said 06-08 and it worked. Im wondering if it is the same case.
  3. bzackrie

    Duramax Overheating

    Should Of Bought A Cummins
  4. bzackrie

    2009 kx450f stock parts

    hey tobz how do you like that washougal rear tire?
  5. bzackrie

    Where to buy new plastics?

    dont get acerbis they dont line up very well
  6. bzackrie

    What bikes have 2 oils in them....motor and gearbox?

    Shell Rotella T 15w-40
  7. bzackrie

    ATF What do you guys think about it?

    if you read the title and know what its about already why bother clicking on it?? Just stop wasting your own time on saying something stupid like that. I guarantee you would of said the same thing even if it was somebody that this was there first post.
  8. bzackrie

    ATF What do you guys think about it?

    LOL didnt even realize i typed that I meant outter chamber
  9. Just wondering what you guys think about using automatic transmission fluid in your auto chamber?
  10. bzackrie

    Tire Questions

    What does the 952 rear really hook up in? What is it not so good in? Also is it a pretty heavy tire?
  11. bzackrie

    Tire Questions

    Yeah I already had a 952 front but I dunno it just seemed like it wanted to wash out all the time I replaced it with a Kenda washougal but maybe I should give the 952 another shot.
  12. bzackrie

    Tire Questions

    what do you guys think is the best intermediate tire for the front and rear and how long does it last?
  13. bzackrie

    Pics from Bremen MX today. 5-13-09

    where is everybody?
  14. bzackrie

    No toil filters and Fastway F3 pegs im offing them..

    I know I know I already have five I like to have plenty of filters but I dont know if I need a total of 12 filters lol.
  15. bzackrie

    No toil filters and Fastway F3 pegs im offing them..

    hey hoss im interested but I dont think i want all seven of them. Would you sell me like three our four?