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  1. travisllane

    Starter/Kickstart noise: starter clutch?

    I has a similar problem on my 03' WR450 when using my e-start and when the bike stalled. I had previously completed all of the modifications to install the 04' starter components (idler gear, torque limiter, side cover). The problem was fixed when I replaced the starter clutch.
  2. travisllane

    Devol or Flatland rad guards?

    +4 for Unibiker
  3. travisllane

    Opinions on '03 wr450 needed

    If it is a good deal I would buy the bike and the '04 parts to go with it. Or negotiate with the dealer to throw in the '04 parts. The part swap takes just a few minutes. I replaced the parts on my '03 a couple of years ago and have had no problems since. Also make sure you have it jetted correctly. If the free mods are completed make sure the bike has been rejetted accordingly. When I bought mine, the exhaust baffle had been removed but the bike had not been rejetted. This lead to a backfire that sheared some teeth from my '03 torque limiter requiring the replacement. I upgraded to the '04 parts at that time.
  4. travisllane

    AAARRGHH! Search engine sucks!! (Jetting ?)

    I used the smaller o-ring from the JD Accel pump kit. It connects the accel pump push rod to the throttle so that it forces the push rod down and therfore pushes fuel out of the accel pump diaphram and into the carb/through the leak jet. Start by slipping the o-ring over the screw that adjusts the accel pump gap and then loop it around the push rod linkage. I don't have any pics but hopefully this helps.
  5. I installed the Trailtech Lynx computer on my 2003 WR450F last night but have not hooked it up to the motorcycle power yet. The instructions don't include a specific wiring connection to the motorcycle power. Any suggestions for me? What have others done?
  6. travisllane

    WR 450 03 v 04

    I would recommend the starter upgrade on any 03 to the 04 parts. I just took my 03 apart and discovered missing teeth on the idler gear that the starter engages, the stater shaft gears were chewed up, the left cover had been broken. $500+ worth of parts later it is fixed, but it would have been a lot cheaper and taken less time if the upgrade had been done before the problem.