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  1. Sorry for my ignorance but will adjusting my fuel screw have any effect on off idle bog?
  2. Awsome.......Thanks for the help fellas. Eddie, I will check out taffy mod. Thanks again
  3. Eddie, your right. That's why I wanted to know exactly which carb was on my bike.
  4. I have an off idle bog situation and am looking for a more snappy throtle response. It has been like that since new and after re-jetting. I just installed the zipty extended fuel screw and figured since I had the carb off I would try an after market accelerator pump. I thought (according to advertising) it would cure my problem.
  5. Cool..... Any differences between the accelerator pumps on the two models? Like how the fuel is routed and so on.
  6. Hi all, I have a 2004 400e (Canadian model) and I want to purchase the R & D power pump but I need to know exactely what carb I have. All my manual says is it is a Keihin FCR39. When I went to purchase the pump the sales guy asked me if it was the FCR or an FCR MX. I have no idea:excuseme:
  7. Loosen your triple clamp bolts (top and bottom), straighten wheel and then tighten your bolts back up again. To straighten the wheel stand in front of the bike with the bike on a stand. Place the wheel between your knees and pull or push the handle bars until everything is lined up again........
  8. It's on an 400E. I've been running the Yosh slip on for 3 years. I put a big dent in my head pipe so I replaced it. Since I used the stock head pipe again I figured it would work just like before. The new head pipe I installed must be slightly smaller . The exhaust leak is small but I can hear it, so it drives me crazy.
  9. I have the Yosh RS3 slip on and I just replaced my head pipe (stock). I now have an exhaust leak at the connection point were the header meets the slip on. I put a new gasket (or what ever you call it) in and wiggled things around to get the best fit I can but I can't seem to get rid of the leak. Any suggestions?
  10. Thanks bronco, your advice is very much apprieciated. Haven't been able to locate any Kroil yet, I have one last place to try then I think I will be ordering online........ Cheers
  11. Kroil not Kroll:excuseme: No wonder I couldn't find it when I searched it. Thanks for the link:thumbsup:
  12. Many thanks, you guys have been a huge help. No luck so far, but as bronco78 says "start soft and work to destroy". I've been soaking it in Release All and hammering it moderatly. I've even put air tools on the bolt side to spin it and maybe shock it.....no luck. I've never heard of Aero Kroll. What type of store would sell it in the States? What a headache:banghead:
  13. Quick question about the heat application. Which part should I heat the linkage or the bolt? In my mind I want the parts around the bolt to expand so I would heat the linkage. Just want to make sure before I give it a go.
  14. I'm in the middle of greasing the rear linkage on my 400e and I can't get the linkage bolt that attatches the linkage to the frame out. I'm able to turn it although it's hard to do. The problem is it won't budge when I try to push it out. The bolt is located between the two vertical frame members so I can't get anything on it to drive it out. Any suggestions?
  15. Sorry for this post but I am confused. I want to adjust my fuel screw also. Is there a tool to do it and do I have to take my bowl off? Or will I be able to adjust it with the proper tool. I talked to Sudco and they recomended the Motion Pro FCR carb tool kit. Will this work? Geordie