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  1. Anybody know what size (diameter) the shims are on the KLX 650. Plus where to purchase them. Thanks Christian
  2. Cpete1

    Lowering KLX 650

    Its a 96 KLX C 650 (red). I live in upstate New York. Yesterday we had our first snow on the road. I love riding the bike and also have a V-star 1100 cruiser. Problem is, there are times when the KLX is just a tad too high. I checked into the Yahoo group but haven't posted there yet. I know you can make new links for the back end but am not so sure about the front fork. Thanks, Later Chris
  3. Cpete1

    Lowering KLX 650

    My first time posting here so bear with me if I'm a touch sloppy. I've got a KLX 650 and would like to lower it. How much can I get away with ? And whats the best approach to dropping the front fork. I'm 5'4" with a 27" inseam on a good day so its alittle hairy when I'm on uneven ground. I ride mostly street with an occasional trip off road. Thanks in advance for any help. Later, Chris