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  1. falk781

    2001 YZ 250 F Fork Damper Disassembly

    Thank you for your response. When you remove the seal head, I assume the entire rod comes out? When putting it back together, is there a special procedure for resealing it? Loctite, etc?
  2. falk781

    2001 YZ 250 F Fork Damper Disassembly

    I just came across something that may have answered my question.... is this the one you have to drill at the top where the rod comes out of the cartridge? If so, is it difficult to seal afterwards?
  3. I have a quick question about disassembly of the damper assembly in the lower portion of the fork. I've removed it and am wondering if everything falls apart when you remove the peened nut on the bottom of the cartridge? Does the rod pull out through the top? My plan was to take it completely apart and clean it with a solvent/brake cleaner. The guy never changed the oil in 8 years and there is tons of metal in it. Any help appreciated, thanks.
  4. falk781

    Fork seal replacement?

    OK... The metal bushings that you drove in before should go in until they stop. (I hope they're straight) Look at the wear spots (presuming they are the old ones) and estimate how far you think they need to go, and knock them in until they bottom out. You really shouldn't need a hammer to accomplish this or the seal installation. On the other side, I know it's a bit more expensive, but I use the right tool to do this from either MP or RaceTech. Since you don't have it, I can't see anyway you could get it in with using only one half of your pipe contraption. What I do, is ever so slightly, put a VERY thin film of lube on the seal, then with arm/hand pressure, in a downward tapping motion, tap them in until they stop. By using only one half of the pipe, presuming it is the right size, how could you be sure that you are completely lined up with the recess that the seal goes in. I certainly hope the plastic pipe your using is deburred so not to damage the seal. PM me if you need some more assistance.
  5. I have a great suggestion.... why doesn't shoulder just delete his account and go somewhere else. That would fix the problem. Then we wouldn't have keep reading his thoughtless and pitiful story. The more we respond to it, the more excitement he gets?
  6. falk781

    Fork seal replacement?

    It's a bit longer than 45 minutes if you haven't done it before, especially if you're going to change the oil in both chambers and wipe everything clean. Ask me if you get stuck, I'd be happy to help.. 170 dollars is very high since the seals are only 20 bucks. Depends on what you buy as far as oil goes as well....
  7. falk781

    Finished Rebuild! Meet the new Hotness!

    One word, phenomenal - great work.... I'm actually in Texas too.... 29th day over 100 degrees. Havent had the 450 out yet.... its killing me...
  8. Dude, that was great... you were hanging right with them. I'll never get sick of real motocross with rocks flying at my head... Awesome man..
  9. falk781

    looking for a new trailer

    I have a 20 ft enclosed for sale that I posted up in the "for sale" section, PM me for pictures.
  10. falk781

    Best Mechanic WR450F in Dallas TX

    I'm in Dallas and have a YZ450 F. What is the problem with your bike?
  11. falk781

    some pics from today, i learnt how to whip

    Why bash on the guy, he's just looking for help not sarcasm? Take it elsewhere.
  12. falk781

    04 YZ 450 Downshifting Problem

    I didn't think it was normal, I'm wondering if it is the same part that is affected on the 06 YZ 450 with the recent sticky or as you said, the shifter shaft? Sounds like it's time to start wrenching....
  13. A guy brought an 04 YZ 450 F into our shop and when road testing it, we found that if you pull the clutch in, you can only downshift to 2nd. At that point, even if you leave the clutch out while you are rolling, the shifter does not "pop" back up until you hit the gas. Has anyone else observed this problem or is this normal with these? The bike is really in mint condition with the factory caution stickers on it and I don't think it has more than 4 hours on it...
  14. falk781

    Oh man that hurt!! "Foot positioning"

    That's a negative on that one... Balls of your feet when riding but if you case it, arches and lock your body to the bike and hope for the best..... Pin the gas......
  15. falk781

    05 YZ 250 Head Gasket (O Ring) Problem

    Let me clear up any confusion I may have caused... The bike ran good before, but when I rebuilt it and attempted the first kick... it went den den den and flooded the cylinder as soon as it tried to start. Pulled the plug and it was soaked with antifreeze. I did notice that the piston and rings just slid into the bore with virtually no compression of the rings required. I also found out that there are 4 different bore sizes that Wiseco provides pistons for. When the guy brought the bike over for the work, he brought the Piston and gasket kit. I'm not sure even if it was the wrong size piston how it would cause this problem. I did try a straight edge and it was straight. I'm going to disassemble and mic everything just to be sure before I sent it off to Pro Circuit for a full test of the head.