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  1. I had an exhaust leak at the head pipe which caused me to run pretty lean......popping on decel, glowing red head pipe and flames out the back I replaced my exhaust gasket and all is MUCH better now. The guys at the shop say that it's always a good idea to replaced the gasket when you take off the head pipe. My original still looked pretty good, but it still let air in causing a pretty awesome light show. Hope that helps!
  2. Thanks for the info flintlock28! I fixed most of the issue by following Dave's suggestion in looking at the head exhaust gasket was in pretty bad shape. I put in a new one, richened my main up to 160, put my pilot to stock (42), opened the pilot screw back to 2 turns out and all seems to be MUCH better. Although I miss the light show from the head pipe / tail pipe. Now I just need to play with the jetting a little to get in dialed in. I still hope to get Burned's suggestion on the jetting just to be sure.......
  3. Thanks, I'll check the head pipe as well. Can anyone confirm the following settings to make sure I'm not off? Stock is: Main 165 Pilot 42 Needle 4th clip Pilot Screw 2 turns out Current: Main 155 Pilot 40 Needle 3rd clip Pilot Screw 1 1/2 turns out Colorado Springs 6000 ft Temp 60 - 90 Just want to confirm my jetting as well so that I can lock it all down. Thanks!!
  4. I just installed a full ti Jardine RT system on my stock 04 YZ450 and have noted a few new issues. The bike ran fine before with a slight decel pop, but I now get more popping when blipping the throttle along with a nice FLAME! The bike idles fine with a slight hesitation down low. Any recommendations on jetting changes? Larger Pilot / Main Jet?