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    motocross, snowboardin, muddin my yota
  1. getnutz

    lewiston, clarkston riding

    i live in lewiston and there's a few good spots around the area! a little dusty and dry now, but give it a few weeks and the trails will be perfect! let me know when u r goin ridin.....i'm always down for a ride!
  2. getnutz

    Just got a new 250F Need help!

    i bought a new 05 yz250f and just rode it around slow for an hr or so......changed the oil.......then opened er up! if lost go by the manual!
  3. getnutz

    POLL: MX or Trail?

    single trak trails
  4. getnutz

    Best Hare Scramble Bike

    i own a kdx and yz250f, the kdx i've been racing for a few yrs now. its a great trail bike but i'd eat it up on my new yzf! my 2cents says the 250f's are the bikes for the trails.
  5. getnutz

    Scottish trials 4/23

    where's this at??
  6. getnutz

    Ouch! Pics of your injuries...

    no real bad riding accidents......but i did break a few bones in a bar fight! http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e271/tagzup/DSCF0382.jpg
  7. getnutz

    Pictures of my backyard track

    fagstodie......where's tha track biatch? your pics were a waste of time!!!!
  8. havin fun is one thing.....but ridin like a f'n idiot is another! i'd hate to be on a single track with that guy headin my way! his ridin is gonna get someone havin fun killed!
  9. getnutz

    Easier starting my '05 yz250f

    i have an 05 too, starts just fine with just the hot start lever pulled! i did mess with the idle a bit! ( luck i guess)
  10. getnutz

    summit tomarrow

    summit will be open fri. 17th if 5 people show up! we have 4 already, so any of you tt'rs want to ride show up with $10! call first.....208-305-5561. p.s. only open till 3:30
  11. getnutz

    Lewiston, Id area riding

    i'd be at the extreme scramble, but i have to play the weekend warrior role!!! why did i join the military?
  12. here is a few pics of the track. not too detailed, but more on the way tomarrow!!!!! http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e271/tagzup/dirtbikepics015.jpg http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e271/tagzup/dirtbikepics016.jpg http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e271/tagzup/dirtbikepics017.jpg
  13. getnutz

    Lewiston, Id area riding

    movemonger......were ya there for that wreck on sunday? could of been worse if i had landed on tha kid!!!! that sux.....
  14. getnutz

    Lewiston, Id area riding

    i rode sunday too.......got there too early on sat.....wow i'm pretty sore too!
  15. getnutz

    Lewiston, Id area riding

    it won't be open....i tried to ride there today!!!!! (2 MUDDY..... )