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  1. i live in lewiston and there's a few good spots around the area! a little dusty and dry now, but give it a few weeks and the trails will be perfect! let me know when u r goin ridin.....i'm always down for a ride!
  2. i bought a new 05 yz250f and just rode it around slow for an hr or so......changed the oil.......then opened er up! if lost go by the manual!
  3. single trak trails
  4. Endurocross

    i own a kdx and yz250f, the kdx i've been racing for a few yrs now. its a great trail bike but i'd eat it up on my new yzf! my 2cents says the 250f's are the bikes for the trails.
  5. where's this at??
  6. no real bad riding accidents......but i did break a few bones in a bar fight!
  7. fagstodie......where's tha track biatch? your pics were a waste of time!!!!
  8. havin fun is one thing.....but ridin like a f'n idiot is another! i'd hate to be on a single track with that guy headin my way! his ridin is gonna get someone havin fun killed!
  9. i have an 05 too, starts just fine with just the hot start lever pulled! i did mess with the idle a bit! ( luck i guess)
  10. summit will be open fri. 17th if 5 people show up! we have 4 already, so any of you tt'rs want to ride show up with $10! call first.....208-305-5561. p.s. only open till 3:30
  11. i'd be at the extreme scramble, but i have to play the weekend warrior role!!! why did i join the military?
  12. here is a few pics of the track. not too detailed, but more on the way tomarrow!!!!!
  13. movemonger......were ya there for that wreck on sunday? could of been worse if i had landed on tha kid!!!! that sux.....
  14. i rode sunday there too early on i'm pretty sore too!
  15. it won't be open....i tried to ride there today!!!!! (2 MUDDY..... )