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  1. 450xrookie

    ttr125le cutting out

    i cleaned the jets and even changed the jets and still no luck.
  2. ttr125 cut air box, jetted 110 main 17.5 pilot, fmf pipe, starts and idles fine as soon as i crack the throttle bike dies. bike will run at high rmp just not right above throttle. tank and carb both have been drained and cleaned.
  3. 450xrookie

    ttr125le cutting out

    i have cleaned the tank and the carb. i have to turn the idle up way to hight to get it to run.
  4. 450xrookie

    ttr125le cutting out

    i did the air box mod, jetted 110main 17.5 pilot, fmf powercore 4 pipe. runs with choke on. starts and idles fine without choke when i give it a little throttle it dies just above idle. if i can get throttle up fast enough past the point where it dies it will run fine. i tried turning the idle up but i have it way to high to keep it running. i renently went through the carb and gave it a good cleaning.
  5. 450xrookie

    ttr125le cutting out

    bike starts fine and idles good, but when i give it a little throttle it starts to die or dies. any ideas
  6. 450xrookie

    TTr 125 help

    04 TTR 125, i cut the snorkle and jetted, new Q4 pipe, bike ran great, then sat for a while now i can not get it to run at all, will only start if i shoot starting flued into airbox then bogs out like its starving for fuel, need to idle really high to keep running. i pulled apart carb and gave a good cleaning, still runs like crap. any ideas?
  7. 450xrookie

    Fools Gold Enduro?

    i heard there is a 300 rider limit, does anyone know if ther is any space left?
  8. 450xrookie

    Larger rear sproket

    front sprocket is a 13, you cant go any smaller
  9. 450xrookie

    Larger rear sproket

  10. 450xrookie

    Larger rear sproket

    i do a lot of tight technical woods riding and spend a lot of time feathering the clutch way to much. First gear is too tall. has anyone geared there 450x down? any other ideas?
  11. 450xrookie

    What is the best exhaust for the X?

    I installed the Leo Vince slip on $350 meets 96db requirments, came highly recomended from local Honda shop.
  12. 450xrookie

    ttr125LE - BBR fork springs?

    I am installing BBR fork springs on my 2004 ttr125 and do not have a manual. Does anyone know the amount of fork oil i need to use?