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  1. Did Derek send you a needle with a sanded tip?
  2. I added the Stic block to my 03 CR250 and have the same results as you have. Simply amazing.
  3. I'd be content if they made the 690 into an Adv bike. I think the 790 will be too heavy. I agree Honda had all the parts for a great DP or Adv bike. The 650R engine with E- start/EFI in an upgraded 250l Rally chassis would be my dream bike.
  4. Quite possible. Our highest reliable pump gas is 94 octane from Chevron. I had my head recut by PC nearly 10 years ago,for pump gas, and I've never noticed detonation. My son's CR125 seems on the edge though.
  5. No, just running 94 pump. No detonation at all. Apparently CR's and Ktm's seem to be okay with pump gas.
  6. After having read up on the Stic metering block reviews on here and other sites for far too long, I decided to bite the bullet and order one from Derek at HP race developments. He sent it with jets installed, 190 main,48 pilot and a D514 needle(with sanded tip)which he said was a YZ copy. For my elevation(1000') and temperature(10 Celsius) it was too rich throughout. I hadn't told him either temp or elevation. Next time I switched to my standard jetting plus 5 sizes up on the main. 188 main, 45 pilot , Nech needle(3rd pos.) and no.8 slide. Simply amazing increase in response, quicker revving and pulled harder and farther up top. I had his needle along,so I was curious as to the sanded tip. The bottom wasn't as clean but pulled farther, so Derek suggested sanding the tip on the Nech as he had the YZ copy needle. This seems to be the best of all so far. I do a variety of types of riding, some Mx, forest service roads and tight single track we have here on the coast. For Mx and play riding it's great. For tight trails my gearing(50 tooth rear) makes it slightly too quick revving. I love it but it might be a bit much for some. The initial cost may seem high to some, but the power increase is definitely worth it to me.
  7. They are for sale in Europe already but haven't made it to North America yet. Check out their Facebook page.
  8. Well at least everyone knows you weren't wrong. That would have been embarrassing.
  9. That's fine, but you must admit that your post sounded that way.
  10. Did you only read the first post?­čśâ
  11. Honest question, why wouldn't they just send them back for a full refund?
  12. Re-pack muffler packing if old. Also my Fmf Q spooges way more than my Doma or stock silencer.
  13. I kinda wish you owned a yz.
  14. I think the ktm carb is closer to the 04-07 mikuni without the tps. 2001-03 was a rectangular shaped slide
  15. Just a note. 03 cr125 rear cylinder bolts holes are wider apart than previous versions.