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  1. cmjb

    will a cr125r 2002 cylinder fit a 2003 cr125r?

    No they’re not the same. 03 has wider bolt spacing in the back
  2. cmjb

    94 wr250

    Where are you’re fork guards?
  3. cmjb

    Gear oil for 300xc 2018

    It’s funny but I tried Rotella in my bike and my rekluse slipped with it. Next ride switched back to gear oil and no slippage. Just my experience.
  4. cmjb

    Big bore yz with stic

    I can’t imagine it not helping. My CR gained throttle response and a lot of overrev.
  5. cmjb

    Big bore yz with stic

    Do you have the Stic already? If not you might be satisfied with that alone.
  6. cmjb

    Big bore yz with stic

    Here you go, thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1269394-big-bore-yz-with-stic/?tab=comments#comment-14422612
  7. cmjb

    02-03 cylinder swap

    At the bottom is a washer that is ground flat on one side to clear the cylinder. I'd obviously prefer an 02 cylinder but it's not worth changing
  8. cmjb

    02-03 cylinder swap

    We bought the bike like that so I have no idea where he got them. 02 base gasket works fine.
  9. cmjb

    02-03 cylinder swap

    You’ll also need those goofy long nuts.😂
  10. cmjb

    02-03 cylinder swap

    Yes you can. My son’s 02 has an 03 cylinder with elongated holes. Runs fine
  11. cmjb

    Crf brake parts on 07 250

    Yes it came with the rotor. Just search Galfer SKW
  12. cmjb

    Crf brake parts on 07 250

    I bought a galfer 270 mm kit along with AP pads for my 03 and they work great. One finger power and great controllability .
  13. cmjb

    1997 WR250Z issues

    Actually in Canada we got both models in 97. I so wanted the new snazzy one but was newly wed and had a baby. 😁
  14. cmjb

    After market radiators

    GPI is what we put on my son’s 02 125 a couple weeks ago. Fit great.
  15. cmjb

    Other mods when doing 2nd and 5th gear swap

    The piston I bought on ebay and I sent it along to the machine shop for measuring when they did the one mm overbore. I left the cam stock and have no issues with knocking. I had read conflicting reports regarding the 650L 10.5 piston and stock cam detonating and wanted to avoid that.