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  1. cmjb

    Making top end power CR125R?

    PWK Air striker carb with Stic metering block. No other bolt on I put on my 250 was even close. I would say all my parts together didn't do as much as the metering block alone.
  2. cmjb

    CSAR FE's KX500 Build Project

    Very curious how the Stic will affect the big KX. I owned 2 of them and felt the throttle response could have been better,more like my previous CR500, but the power spread was much nicer on the KX. Looking good!
  3. cmjb

    Keihin PWK vs PWM difference?

    The Pwm will work but I believe it's used mostly in karting circles and mid-late 90's YZ250's. http://www.carbparts.com/keihin/pwm_jetting_and_dimensions.htm#Dimensions
  4. The delivery won’t change but the responsiveness is quicker.
  5. That’s some funny stuff right there. The thing about computers is you can’t see the person’s expression while they’re typing. Well played sir!
  6. You should also remove the needle to see what # or letters are written on it.
  7. Do you know what needle you have in there? Also what # is the slide? Before I installed my Stic block I ran a Nech/Suzuki needle 3rd clip, 172 main and 42 pilot with a #8 slide. If you have the #7 slide I would try the Nedw/3rd pos. 178 main and 45 pilot. I believe WOT bog is lean, and blubbering/sputtering is rich
  8. I don’t notice any difference between my stock and the rekluse in terms of engagement. That may be due to getting the heaviest wedges and the lightest springs. I didn’t want to wait till 3 or 4 grand for it to engage.
  9. cmjb

    will a cr125r 2002 cylinder fit a 2003 cr125r?

    No they’re not the same. 03 has wider bolt spacing in the back
  10. cmjb

    94 wr250

    Where are you’re fork guards?
  11. cmjb

    Gear oil for 300xc 2018

    It’s funny but I tried Rotella in my bike and my rekluse slipped with it. Next ride switched back to gear oil and no slippage. Just my experience.
  12. cmjb

    Big bore yz with stic

    I can’t imagine it not helping. My CR gained throttle response and a lot of overrev.
  13. cmjb

    Big bore yz with stic

    Do you have the Stic already? If not you might be satisfied with that alone.