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  1. GPI is what we put on my son’s 02 125 a couple weeks ago. Fit great.
  2. The piston I bought on ebay and I sent it along to the machine shop for measuring when they did the one mm overbore. I left the cam stock and have no issues with knocking. I had read conflicting reports regarding the 650L 10.5 piston and stock cam detonating and wanted to avoid that.
  3. I just did this about two months ago on my 2002 L. Like Hollerhead mentioned do the gear spring update and stick a higher compression piston in there. I went with the JE 600r(128996) 101mm 10.6/1. Because of pin placement I understood it works out to something like low to mid 9/1 on the 650L. This is how Honda should have built this bike. Much more fun power and gearing wise and mpg jumped 15-20% for me.
  4. My 03 did this as well when I got it. It lessened when I installed the jd kit into the stock Mikuni but still happened once in a while. Once Pro Circuit recut my head it never happened again regardless of what jetting or carb I ran.
  5. If you want more over rev, look into the Stic metering block. You’ll get it in spades.
  6. Are the Rmstator ones any better? Has anyone heard?
  7. If you want even slightly more top end, talk to Derek about sanding the needle tip.
  8. Stic website. Always answered quickly for me.
  9. One of the Lectrons is a 36 as well, and shows 0.1 hp better than one of the lectron 38 runs,so it's not a given that the 38 smartcarb would do significantly better. The stic block is no joke. From what I've read, the metering rod carbs compensate better for altitude and temperature but don't do much for increasing power.
  10. Often people only run one ring. I'm only running one in my Wossner 2 ring piston. Runs great. You're bike wouldn't be running strong if it "lost" the 2nd ring.
  11. I haven't drag raced anyone with mine, but the top end pull feels like it would give my old KX500's a run for the money. My friend seemed just as shocked when he rode my CR with the Stic as when he climbed off my 500 for the first time. Of course 4T's have a traction advantage.
  12. I just measured them and there's no significant difference between them. I have the 05-07 intake and airboot tube on my bike now so can't accurately measure. I would buy both to guarantee figment.
  13. I have all 3 variations(03,04,05-07) of intake tubes and 05-07 airboot tube and used them on my 03. I used to run the long screw top carb with the stock components and then bought a short body carb and used the 04 intake tube. However the 05-07 intake tube is more direct (straighter) so I have switched to it.
  14. I thought Keith from KPRacing at the beginning said they tested the 36 and it didn't work as well as the 38 on the dyno.. I forget the details.
  15. No i have not. dont know how to. Keith says he sells them. Also says he can get 4hp with proper tuning. I paid for it. Just waiting for it to show up Here you go. He usually responds quickly.