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  1. One piston and two combustion chambers at opposite ends like a boxer. there are a couple of ways to attach a rod. I don't see it being very efficient, but it is possible.
  2. If you used an E3 diamond fire plug the neg electrode would not be in the way. more spark energy would create a larger flame front. Burning more of the fuel in a faster time. probably only good at higher RPM. good luck sounds cool.
  3. I saw in a hot rod catalog one time a hydraulic throttle. It came with a pedal and looked like it worked with two linear actuators. In this example spring pressure brings the throttle back and raises the pedal. If I remember right it used mineral spirits as a fluid. hope that helps
  4. wow pullin...soft is easy to fix, they only weigh 20 to 25 pounds more...290 you've never weighed one. Underpowered yes but that can also be fixed...ie this thread. A modern well tuned 250 might make 40hp our dyno hasn't seen it yet, but maybe somebody can do it. Some of the 340s on here will make 35 and that we have seen on our dyno...with a wider power band, for a lot less money and the fun of tweaking your bike. The only reason it will hold its own is the extra cubes.
  5. That still doesn't mean that the average amature would know the difference.
  6. not according to Larry
  7. My IT490/590 had pefect suspension pro set up...it just wasn't adj. While the KX suspension will be easier for a novice to set up because of the extra adj. most pros like Jerry can set up a KLX to be just as good as a KX just no rebound adj. with normal service it will last for years....my ITs lasted for 9 when I sold it. Now about that extra adj....As terain changes that adj can be real handy. It is said that most amatuer racers don't even notice 3-4 clicks....I notice about 5. that would make the KX forks worth it to the travelling rider. I just got an extra suspension...just another option.
  8. I just want a bike that will keep up or in front of the 250 motocrossers in the woods I have spare engine and suspension so I will start with those. I would like to be able to power a paddle in the sand. If I wanted a 450 I would have kept my IT490/590.
  9. Does the FCR35 use the stock thottle and cables? I think the mikuni only uses a single cable.
  10. Hey team FTB what skid plate is that?
  11. Thanks guys
  12. So what is the 340 kit? Thanks KC-10
  13. Anybody have a Point of Contact for Bill Blue...searchs didn't turn anything up. Kustom Kraft? Thanks
  14. OK I've been reading the threads for a couple of years now and I have a spare KLX. I want to build a new top end this winter for my '05 and install it for next season. I want to do a big bore kit. NO 365. I understand the original 331 kit is not as desirable for me due to the higher compression. I read that there is a 340 kit and something about a bill blue 331. No Points of Contact though. I think I am going to have BBRP port and polish my head. Web cams makes cams for the KLX. I also remember different valves from somewhere. I don't plan on messing with the lower end. I guess I'll save for the fcr35. I think I found a place that has an easy to fit version. If anyone has any POCs for some of these parts it would be appriciated. I'll let you know how the work goes.