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  1. The COAR 450R

    06 trx?

    They have done soooo much in upgrades: The carb, 1/2 in. on the swingarm, bigger air box, bigger filter, neutral light on column, headlight location much better, better designed rear sub-frame, better access under the hood cal, lower gearing, better compression from the piston, electric start, beafed up suspension, beafed up front axles/spindles, electric shut down so if throttle cable snaps engine shuts down, and that's just what I can think of off the top of my head. If you do all this on a 05 or 04 you will be spending way more that just buying an 06 instead. Plus less headache and time to install everything. Just my opinon.......... Thanks
  2. The COAR 450R

    Good All Around Riding In and Around OH

    Check out www.thecoar.com and contact us section. Call one of the members, we ride every sunday all year round
  3. The COAR 450R

    06 trx?

    I had an 04 that I just replaced with an 06 and love it!!! Many upgrades, no problems, and very happy. Worth the money for sure!!!