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  1. soo what page is he talking about??? is there a myspace page for him ??? let us know
  2. the 06 250f came,13/48. what does the 07 250f come stock with ???
  3. i dont know, i have a 250 and wouldent have any problem with that track
  4. eric, lynn hey its andrew from in. cant wait too be there. you gonna ride nasmoto at nashville ???? let me know
  5. depends on your stock wheels sizes, and try easy coat wheels for spokes
  6. iv never met, or heard of him but sounds like a hell of a guy. GODSSPEED, and thanks paul. i think i can speak on behalf of evryone in supermoto
  7. WHAT there was a race in Cleveland this weekend ???? please fill me in
  8. excel rims and heavy duty spokes... call east coast wheels (jeff) will help you out with wheels, hubs, spokes. everything you will need
  9. this tuesday the 18th there will be supermoto practice at Circleville Raceway Park. come on out and ride....if u need info goto thanks andrew #995
  10. east coast all the way... they are great people and they will help any way they wont be dissapointed
  11. i run a 5.0 on a yz250f and the tire selection is realy i would stick with the 5.0. id you go with the 5.5 the fit will have to be great and tires will be a problem...also you realy dont need a 5.5 on a 450 the factory guy's run a 5.0
  12. i would say if you can swing it GO !! the track is great, fast just a ton of fun. there are working on the dirt section so its not the greatest but i had a was great training for the 2 wisc. ama rounds
  13. monday the 29th circleville has open practice from 10 am - 4 pm, ill be there come on out and ride
  14. cuycra pro bends with triple clamp cant go wrong
  15. well if you are putting street tires on it im not sure but if you are useing supermoto tires, you realy need a 165 for the 5 inch rim.