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  1. 04YZFnate

    250 XL price??

    i just took her out last weekend... sooo amazing and a heck of alot of fun i love it! i took my friend out who had never ridden a dirtbike before and he bought a cr250 the next day.
  2. 04YZFnate

    250 XL price??

    bought it for 750. Im so stoked to go riding!
  3. 04YZFnate

    250 XL price??

    i would be buying this bike from a friend next week... i am really excited to get riding this would be my first bike and i will be getting some street time after i get better in the dirt. I think i will offer 700 and see.
  4. 04YZFnate

    250 XL price??

    the KBB Suggested Retail From a Dealer is 960. Trade in Value is 565, which is what a seller would get from a dealer
  5. 04YZFnate

    250 XL price??

    how much lower? like 500? or more like 650-700?
  6. 04YZFnate

    250 XL price??

    I have a friend that I work with and he is selling a 250 XL and wants 800 for it. Is this a good price? it is a 87 it has an oil leak somewhere that is really small (about 2-3oz in 6 hours of riding) has new brakes Has new Spedo and also has no back fees and is registered for street and somehow has a green sticker too. What you you guys think, good price? Nate
  7. 04YZFnate

    is the 04 YZF 450 Green Sticker bike?

    well that kinda sucks... is it a bad idea to buy it then? i do alot of riding on forestry land and fireroads but i would like to ride in hollster and other riding areas every once and awhile
  8. I am looking at buying a Yamaha 2004 450 YZF from a friend and i was wondering if it was a green sticker bike. also if anyone has any opions about the bike please let me know!