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  1. Kawasaki

    Take your 400 to the dealer and let them do a vin# check. If yours is one of the recalled ones, they will fix it no charge. I had it done on mine and everything is fine.
  2. I'd be glad to hear opinions for the best gearing (f/r sprocket sizes) that you have used. This one has a 52 rear and a 13 front. Still a bit tall in first gear for trail use. Any suggestions?
  3. Try looking on the web, btosports.com, factoryeffex.com. They both have alot.
  4. I'm a mechanical idiot. I know what a jet is and have changed the small one, but I really need help with a kit. I want this thing to run right and will spend the money, but where can I have the work done that it won't cost as much as the kit itself? greg450x
  5. Thanks to everyone for the directions. I drove up as far as the end of the pavement today to see where it is. See y'all on Saturday. *crossing fingers for good weather*
  6. Hey all, I'm new to this site and been away from bikes 15 yrs until now. I want to go to Jones Creek on the 11th but not sure where the entrance is. Is there a good map or directions anyone can help me with? I have a new CFR450X and am dying to use it. Thanks! Greg Woodland