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    Nascar, Baseball, Camping and now my 450X
  1. greg450x

    06 kfx 400 oil mixing with coolant

    Take your 400 to the dealer and let them do a vin# check. If yours is one of the recalled ones, they will fix it no charge. I had it done on mine and everything is fine.
  2. I'd be glad to hear opinions for the best gearing (f/r sprocket sizes) that you have used. This one has a 52 rear and a 13 front. Still a bit tall in first gear for trail use. Any suggestions?
  3. greg450x

    Looking for graphics for my 04 CRF 450

    Try looking on the web, btosports.com, factoryeffex.com. They both have alot.
  4. greg450x

    Wow! JD Jet kit cured all.

    I'm a mechanical idiot. I know what a jet is and have changed the small one, but I really need help with a kit. I want this thing to run right and will spend the money, but where can I have the work done that it won't cost as much as the kit itself? greg450x
  5. greg450x

    Jones Creek Feb 11 and 12

    Thanks to everyone for the directions. I drove up as far as the end of the pavement today to see where it is. See y'all on Saturday. *crossing fingers for good weather*
  6. greg450x

    Jones Creek Feb 11 and 12

    Hey all, I'm new to this site and been away from bikes 15 yrs until now. I want to go to Jones Creek on the 11th but not sure where the entrance is. Is there a good map or directions anyone can help me with? I have a new CFR450X and am dying to use it. Thanks! Greg Woodland