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  1. rdowler

    Electric start

    I have a 2003 crf450r that I ride casualy. I am having a hard time kick starting the bike due to a hip replacement I had a few years back. (I'm only 35, but you could say I lived fast and rode hard) I would like to put an electric start on the bike, but I do not know if this is possable. I know that it would be easier to sell the bike and buy a bike with electric start on it, but I love my crf450r, and can't bring myself to part with it. So does anyone know if it is possable to retro fit the bike with an electric start. Thanks in advance for your help. Thanks again for your help, rdowler.
  2. rdowler

    just finished freshening up the ole baby....

    Is that Armor ALL on the tires? LOL. It looks like that bike has never seen the dirt before. I like the patriotic theme. Looks good (just to clean).
  3. rdowler

    Spark arrestors

    I am going to be running sweepr in an enduro race this summer, and after reading up on it I found out that I will be required to run a spark arrestor on my bike. I am just getting back into dirt bike riding and have never ridden in a race of any kind. I dont know anything about spark arrestors. Where are they mounted, are they hard to install, and what kind or brand should I look at getting? Thanks for any help you might be able to give this truly newbie. Family First.
  4. rdowler

    03 crf450.. good year???????

    I bought my 03 crf450 used about a five months ago, and took it directly to the local Honda dealer to have everything checked out. The previous owner couldn't tell me the last time the valves were checked, so I expected that the valves were at least going to have to be shimmed a bit. To my surprise the bike was A-OK. Nothing needed to be done to it, other than adjusting the chain, and fluid changes. I LOVE THIS BIKE!! I have been riding street and dirt bikes for about 25 years, and this is the best bike I have ever had. It has crazy amounts of power. If you buy the one your looking at be careful on it, and give it the respect it deserves. It will hurt you. I am 6'2 and 225 lbs and this bike will buck you off like a Brahma bull. Also, make sure you are current on your life insurance policy.
  5. Hey guy's I am looking at replacing the stock plastics on my 03, and I am hoping some of you with the black plastics will post some pictures to help give me some ideas. Thanks for your help. Thanks again, R. Dowler Ride Hard, Live Fast
  6. rdowler

    Guaging interest..

    I just bought an 03 from a guy in Denver. I paid $3200. It has after market exhaust, valves, and clamps. The top end was rebuilt less than 5hrs ago. He also included a new back tire and bike stand that he had recently bought. I live in Wyoming, and we live about 4 1/2 hours apart. He met me halfway to drop the bike off at no extra cost. I thinking it was a good deal. Good luck selling yours. rdowler Live fast, Ride hard.
  7. rdowler

    Got "Thumped" in poker

    Well what a waste of time the poker tournament was for me. Finished 114th. I had 2 good hands (ace/10 suited, and ace/queen suited) and just couldn't pull a card to save my A**. Good job Thumper, That was fun. So how far did you make it? Did you bet Stupid?
  8. rdowler

    Looking for Parts

    Hey guy's, I've noticed on a few of your bike that you have a chain-sproket cover for your front sproket. I've done several searches on ebay and other sites looking for one of these, and just cant seem to find one. What is the name of this part, and where can I find one? Thanks for your help.
  9. rdowler

    gunk on new bike?

    Congrats on the new bike. There are two diffrent products that both work very good. "Goo Gone", and "Oops" they are both sold at Auto-Zone and you can buy them both for around $6 total. Have fun on that new bike, now go out and get it dirty.
  10. rdowler

    new graphics

    You also might try a product called "Oops" you can buy it at Auto-Zone. They also sell the Goo gone which is a great product. Good Luck.
  11. rdowler

    they quit making 450r's next year

  12. I just recently bought a 2003 CRF450R. I am wondering if, and what I might need to do to the suspension for someone my size. After reading a bunch of the posts on here, it looks to me that you need to set the bike up for the size of the rider. I am 6"1 and 220lbs. What do I need to do? Or is it fine the way it is. I am just a casual rider. Thanks for any help you might be able to provide. Thanks, R. Dowler Wyoming, the best place on Earth for the outdoors man.
  13. I have a 2003 CRF450R I just recently bought, and I am looking to put some hand guards on it. I do not want to have to alter anything on the bike to install them. Does anyone have a type, or brand that they recommend? Thanks for any help, rdowler rdowler1024@hotmail.com
  14. rdowler

    True Member

    I would get the brake cover for the front brake if I were you. they're pretty darn cheap.
  15. I just bought a 2003 CRF450R. Before I bought the bike I was surfing here on Thumper for any info I could find on this bike and noticed quite a few posts on the leaking water pumps. I told the guy I would not buy the bike unless he Had the seal, counterbalance shaft, and bearing looked at before I bought it. He did, and the seal and shaft had to be replaced. IT cost him $280. My question is this. If he wasn't having any trouble with this before (i.e. it wasn't leaking) how do I know when to have this looked at? Do I do it after so many hours? I'm an older guy (35) and haven't ridden dirt bikes in about 10 years. I only plan on using the bike recreational. No racing. It takes us older guys to long to heal from crashes to be out racing. So any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help, R. Dowler