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  1. I'll be there with a couple of friends for the dirt and paved track.
  2. No, the new track isn't done. They did a really good job prepping the track on Sunday.
  3. I'm game. I'll be there around 4
  4. Then the next day he pulls a sick superman back flip and a lazy boy back flip!!! INSANE
  5. Here's mine http://w1.bikepics.com/pics/2006/07/25/bikepics-641602-full.jpg
  6. How much does it cost since I would have to pay for the yearly fee?
  7. I E-mailed Willie B and he said that the membership fee is waived and that it will only cost $10.67 for all access members that print out the coupon. SWEET!!!
  8. I'm not sure. KBPI's website doesn't say anything about the membership fee, only that Willie B is going to be there starting at 1:00.
  9. Is it $10 even when they prep the track???
  10. I see that KBPI is having entrance fees for Thunder Valley on Wednesday for $10.67 and was wondering what it normally cost to get in?
  11. I'm just coming back from breaking my hand and would love to join you guys on thursday. How much does it cost since they prep the track???
  12. I'm 6'1" and love the step seat. It is the same height as the stock seat and it steps up in the back.
  13. I bought mine from Motosports and it is nice.
  14. What time are you going???
  15. I'm looking into racing a quad at SRAC events and was wondering what I need to do to a Quad to make it race ready??? nerf bars, kill switch, number plate(s)???