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  1. ptcruzer

    Handlebar Installation

    I'm looking to replace the handlebars on my stock 2006 DRZ400s and I'm curious to know how difficult it is to replace them. Any tips would be greatly appreciated and suggestions on type/style that are good?
  2. ptcruzer

    Sputtering DRZs

    I have had this happen to me twice now. I'll be riding down the open road, going 50+ mph and the bike sputters...like its out of gas . It happens for a couple of seconds, I let off the throttle, hit again and its fine. My only thought is that I have a dirty fuel filter...however, I only have 750 miles on it. Any thoughts about what it could be. It happend twice, once on one trip and once on another about a month earlier. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated . PT
  3. ptcruzer


    Thanks for the help.
  4. ptcruzer

    Tire Change Help

    I just changed mine for the first time this morning. I used WD-40 for lube on the tire (buddies suggestion) and it seemed to work pretty good. All I know is I had 3 tire irons and put some crazy torque/elbow grease into it to get these beastards on. The rear was obviously the hardest but don't be afraid to put your weight into it. If I knew what gator wrestling was like...I'd say that was it.
  5. ptcruzer


    Hey guys, I've been reading the threads on here regarding gearing and was getting ready to go purchase a 47T sprocket and my local Suzuki dealership didn't have any 47T's in Renthals, Tag, Sunspit....they couldn't find any 47 to even order. I'd like to know what brand you 47'ers have? Anyone have a 48 that has had good luck with both low and highend torque? I'd still like to be able to cruise 60-70 without getting buzzed off my bike. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers!
  6. ptcruzer

    Finished my street legal Drz400E

    Looks great....nearly a perfect match to a 400S. Good luck and give em hell.
  7. ptcruzer

    50 mpg......huh?

    Wow...I have the same bike and same mileage as you and I have been getting about 50 mpg with a combo of trails and road. You definately have a problem and I'd like to hear how it all works out incase I start finding the same problem. Best of luck.
  8. ptcruzer

    CA emisions mod

    I live in CA and have a new 06 DRZ 400S that I'd like to get rid of the emissions junk. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to where I can learn how to make this mod and take this stuff off without tearing up my bike too bad? Thanks in advance. PT
  9. ptcruzer


    Its heavy for a gas cap and I dont know of any myself. but I don't think you'll get much out of a lighter one anyhow.
  10. ptcruzer

    Shaving Weight from S Model

    Take off the easy little things and lift some weights. Gain some muscle and work that bike instead of worrying about 20lbs. I'm laughing my ass off seeing people talk about a seat strap weighting them down! Cheers!
  11. ptcruzer

    Pics of IMS tanks

    How many miles are you getting with the 3.2 gallon? I've got the stock one on still and want to get the 3.2 or 4. The 4 seems a little too big and I don't want to put too much more weight on an already heavy bike.
  12. ptcruzer

    Trip Tips

    I'm going with some freinds. I figured the elements should be pretty tame and that I should at least prepare for flats.
  13. ptcruzer

    Trip Tips

    I'm going on a 3 day ride in Death Valley next month. All my rides on my new bike have been day trips and haven't abused it like I probably will over the 3 day trip. Any tips from you pros on spare parts I should have on hand, particular tools/gadgets or general maintenance tips I should be prepared for, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm trying to be prepared for as much as possible so I can ride as much as possible on this trip. Thanks, PTCruzer
  14. ptcruzer

    acerbis handguards

    I bought the exact handguards for my DRZ400 and I just took a hack saw to the ends and cut the balls off....castrated the SOB's. The levers fit inside perfectly and are now protected like they are suppose to be.
  15. I'm gonna preface this by saying I'm a rookie so pardon the potentially lame question. I'm buying new tires for my new DRZ400S and I was just thinking I would change the tires myself oppose to having them put on at a dealership. Is it fairly basic or would I be better off just paying to have them done? Patrick