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  1. Stevequest2000

    how do u run your fuel line 06 450 IMS tank

    My stock fuel line worked.
  2. The FL GNCC will be in Vero Beach which is a couple hours south of Daytona. I used a Pirelli 410 in Florida last year with good results, but this track is supposed to be harder pack.
  3. Stevequest2000

    Yamaha Raptor dying out at mid-range

    I have a 2001 Yamaha Raptor that has been having some running problems since I hit a stream crossing a little fast. It will start and idle fine. When it starts to idle a little higher, it backfires and throws fuel out the exhaust. If you get it to top rev without the motor dying, it starts to lean out and run a little better, but still off. I took the carbs apart and did not see a problem. I also swapped the plugs and cleaned the electrical contacts. Everything looked fine, so I took it to a shop. They can also not find a problem after checking valve clearance, swapping carbs, replacing stator, etc. I hate to part out a quad just because of a stupid electrical? problem. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  4. Stevequest2000

    Anyone live near New River Gorge?

    Looking for a place to ride out of near Fayetteville, Wv for Bridge Day weekend. About 8 of us are heading down there OCT 20 to ride some of the trails and are we're looking for an ATV friendly household to let us park our trailers on their property for a few hours. We'll provide some beverages for the hospitality
  5. Stevequest2000

    IMS Tank

    I have the IMS tank setup with the WC radiator guards. Mine don't bulge much, but I had to trim a good bit of the plastic from the back of the shrouds. I installed them both at the same time so I'm not sure if the tank caused them to bulge noticeably, but I know the Rad guards did. I just had to get a sharp razor and keep slivering off plastic. Small price to pay for all the piece of mind.
  6. Stevequest2000

    IMS tank for '06...

    IMS and Works Connection here too. I had to trim about half the "spine" that was behind the radiator on the shroud and carve out a notch at the bottom of the radiator on it to get it to fit right. With doing this, the shroud will fit well with the spacers that Work Connection provided and I don't have to play tug of war to get the lower shroud bolts in.
  7. Stevequest2000

    flywheel weight, 06 YZ450F

    Do the GYTR flywheel weights require a different ignition cover? I believe the flywheel is the same from '05 to '06, but SFB and Steahly aren't marketing them yet because there aren't spacers or ignition covers available for the new shape of the '06. If GYTR doesn't require extra room, let us know.
  8. Stevequest2000

    dust outs

    What the hell were rocks and dust doing on a trail is what I want to know!?
  9. Stevequest2000

    About Ti Headers/Pipes...

    So far my Ti header has taken two hits that have severely crimped the pipe. The pipe has not cracked yet but I'm sure it is getting weaker. I first tried getting the dent out by PARTIALLY filling the pipe with water (at least 2" inches below the level where it seats) and placing it in the freezer. This worked somewhat, but left it slightly oval. The second time, the header was heated with a torch and the curvature restored with a bent prybar. They can be resillient, but if you ride offroad like me, it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a spare.
  10. Stevequest2000

    flywheel weight, 06 YZ450F

    A flywheel weight is helpful for not stalling if you ride hare scrambles. A few kicks every now and again in a three hour race tends to wear a person out.
  11. Stevequest2000

    Got my new 06 YZF 450!!

    I have six hare scramble races on my stock jetting. Checked the plug after the first two-perfect. Checked it after the 5th race- perfect. I don't seem to be having a problem(apparently one of the few).
  12. Stevequest2000

    Budget boots

    ARC boots from Rocky Mountain. Cheap, good protection, and little break in time.
  13. Stevequest2000

    Works Connection Radiator Cages - available now!!!

    GREAT!!! The day after they went on sale and now there is another 3+week long waiting period. This is following at least 3 other promises to deliver from their site. Brand loyalty is not worth this sh*t. On to Unabiker I guess.
  14. Stevequest2000

    Kickstarter binding

    The kickstarter has gotten on a bind three or four times on my 06 YZ450. I'll go to kick and it get a hellofa resistance. I'll put a good boot to it and the kicker will go the footpeg without catching a cog. Everything is fine after this and it has never done it twice in the same day. Is this something that has happened to others or something to be concerned with?
  15. Stevequest2000

    Kidney stones......

    I'm 31 and drink about 3/4 gallon milk a day. Didn't realize it was a potential cause until I read this thread.