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  1. Well worth it! Bought a couple for the moto bikes also.
  2. Barron122

    handlebars for my SM.

    Im thinking about doing some track days on my 05 SM. I still have the stock bars on and Im sooking for some ideas on handlebar and handgaurd setup. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.
  3. Barron122

    Best American Brand of Truck

    2007 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab With The HEMI!
  4. Barron122

    Which exhausts fit an SM

    I run a muzzy system, looks and sounds great. I bought the complete system from pipe city. It was easy to install and with the 3 by 3 mod and dynajet kit the performance gain was nice.
  5. Barron122

    Rear Breaks Stop Working

    I just broke the same pin on my bike (pitster) Did you order a new one and if so where did you get it?
  6. Barron122

    Which Jacket would you get?

    Icon makes a great jacket for supermoto. However they run small, Im normally a XL but had to go up to a XXXL for a descent fit.
  7. Barron122

    pitster throttle

    Anyone know of a good aftermarket throttle for the x2r? Stock is junk.
  8. Barron122

    pitster throttle body problems

    During a ride on my new x2r, the throttle developed some play. I unscrewed the 2 8mm screws to loosen the throttle body and pull it off the bar, come to find out the throttle body is glued together! Its not threaded to the other side. Is this common?
  9. Barron122

    What are the Jobs of us fellow DRZ owners?

    Airline pilot based in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Aztalan cycle club member. Love to moto and Hare scramble in Dist 16 events.
  10. Barron122

    DRZ-400sm what are the best mods for $500

    pipe city for the muzzy, got mine for 400$ Looks and sounds great, Dyna jet kit for 60$ and open the airbox, noticeble gain in performance.
  11. Barron122

    Number plates for Pitsters

    Does anyone know of a pre cut number plate that will fit my pitster pro2?
  12. Barron122

    Electric Trials Bikes for kids now Available

    I got the 16 inch wheel model and it was a little 874 dollars with shipping.
  13. Barron122

    Electric Trials Bikes for kids now Available

    Got an Oset for my 5 year old for Christmas. I'm impressed with the construction, my son has about an hour on it so far. The weather has not been cooperating with us here in Illinois. He has a crf 50, but this looks to be the ultimate learning tool for him. He absolutely loves it so far. We'll keep you posted on his progress. BP:thumbsup:
  14. Barron122

    jetting for pitster pro 2r

    Thanks, Ill look into the tools. BP
  15. Just got my new bike, jetting is a little off, has a stumble just off idle. Brought the idle up a bit and it helped a bit, Cant get at the fuel screw without taking off the carb. Where should the fuel screw be set? Were about 700 ft above sea level here Illinois. Nice looking bike overall. Cant wait to get it out an the track.