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  1. Try 6-8 lbs on the trials - even better!
  2. plokhoyc

    All right guys-tell me I'm sane on this...

    I was going to let my 05TE450 go for the same reason. It's a lot to handle in the tight stuff. I think I'm faster on my old 02 wr250. Love the 450 in the rocks though - maybe the te250 would have been a better choice - but I figured for the little bit of weight difference why not go with the bigger motor.
  3. plokhoyc

    Joe Chod

    Thank You Joe!
  4. plokhoyc

    Up-Tite throttle tube

    Thanks for the Pics - where did you get those nice little LED blinkers ?
  5. plokhoyc

    WANTED: Wheels / Tires from TC or TE

    I think any 02 and up WR/TE rear should fit. I swap my 02 WR250 rear wheel with my 05TE450 without any problems. I think its the same hub.
  6. plokhoyc

    BRP Sub mount/Scott's damper problem?

    My pointer knob (TE450 with the stock tripples) just clears. I don't see how the big knob would fit. I also had to "work "on the tripples a bit to clear the tower. Nice setup! good luck
  7. plokhoyc

    Husky Radiator brace/guard

    I also have the Force guards. You need to transfer the impact on the lower part of the radiator to the frame. - Craig 05 TE450 02 WR250
  8. plokhoyc

    My TE is still the bike of choice

    I run the IRC at 8 lbs with the 4mil tube also (two rim locks). Works great in the rocks/roots etc in northern NJ. It does have some drawbacks though - you can't lean the bike over in the turns like you can with a knobby. - Craig 05TE450 02WR250
  9. plokhoyc

    TE250 Scotts Damper mount ? HELP ?

    Just installed the same setup on my bike (05TE450). I had to work on my top triple a bit to get it to clear the post. Also, the low speed adjust won't clear the bar with the stock knob. - have to work something out - Craig
  10. plokhoyc

    amsoil ?

    Which Amsoil would be best? The 60W racing or the 20w50? I use the rotella now but have concerns about the viscosity. -Craig 05TE450
  11. plokhoyc

    Got problems with clutch!!!!

    siambxr, I replaced the original slave, rode 25 miles, and the clip was blown out again - but the clutch still worked! I have to believe the rod in my bike is too short. I made a 3mm shim, same OD as the rod, and installed it in the "pin" so the rod extends further into the slave. 3mm pushes the slave piston well off of the circlip. Mileage will tell..... - Craig
  12. plokhoyc

    Got problems with clutch!!!!

    I just had a chance to take apart my clutch. The pin in my bike looks exactly like the one in the picture - same wear point. The rod however looks like it "mushroomed" a little inside the pin. Maybe this shortens the rod enough to push the slave piston against the circlip. I was thinking of shimming the rod to move the piston off the circlip. (so the slave does not use the very end of the stroke) I also measured the rod at 182mm. - Craig 05 TE450 02 WR250
  13. plokhoyc

    sprockets for WR250

    Halls has them for $30.00 halls-cycles.com I run a 51 on my 02 - I think a may go for the Ironman next time. - Craig 02 WR250 05 TE450
  14. plokhoyc

    Got problems with clutch!!!!

    Mine as well - I found the clip loose when I unbolted the slave - The O-ring did feel a little "dry". - Craig
  15. plokhoyc

    radiator guards

    I ordered these - Same design - Pretty nice! http://www.forceaccessories.com.au/