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  1. No I use oil from my kitchen
  2. No, I clean the air filter every ride
  3. About two years ago, i replaced both the exhaust and intake cams (with the piston as well) of my WR250F 2008 model, with the same parts from a YZ250F 2008. The power gains were very noticeble and i thought that since the engines of the two bikes are the same, i would have no problem with reliability. Because i don't ride often i recently checked the valves and i was surprised to see that the exhaust ones were in spec but all three intake valves had almost zero clearance! Since i own wrf's for most than 10 years and had absolutely no problems with valve reliability, i tried to find the reason for this. I thought to search the parts list of the two bikes and i found that the exhaust valve springs are the same on both of them BUT the intake valve springs have different codes! Does anyone know if the WRF springs are softer that the ones in the YZF, and if so, could something like that affect the valve reliability so much?
  4. lixno

    My WR450 Supermoto project

    Hahaha just kidding! I always find time for a ride! I cut that side of the airbox and had to put the screen for debris etc. Well, now the airbox is almost completely open because i removed all the old WRF rear plastics and put the ones from a '10 YZ450F!
  5. lixno

    My WR450 Supermoto project

    Thanks! i share your concerns and after putting an Ice Cube big bore cylinder with WEB cams i don't ride it anymore! Just looking at it https://imageshack.com/i/n6hhu4sj
  6. lixno

    New Dunlops?

    MX 32 and 52 are available only for 19'' rear, which is bad news for off road riders. Can anyone remember if this was the same scenario with MX 31 and 51 when they were first released?when 18'' rears where available?
  7. lixno

    MXA Mag showing the yzf some love

    Couldn't agree more with motojunkiedan!
  8. lixno

    Yamaha YZ250F (2008)


    Great bike...even now in 2014!
  9. lixno

    Yamaha YZ250F 2008

    Great bike...even now in 2014!
  10. Nice! So even the midpipe fit without a problem?
  11. lixno

    2014 yz250f

    well this is a great looking bike!!
  12. lixno

    2014 yz250f

    And pics please! That bike is looking good!
  13. lixno

    Caselli Memorial Thread: Positive Vibes ONLY

    R.I.P....still so sad story when you read these details. I still remember almost two years ago, when Kurt raced the World Enduro race in Greece, Kalampaka, all the fans cheering up for him. For a rider that hadn't raced the World Enduro Championship until that time, and wasn't from Europe also, the fan base he had was something unbelievable! This was only due to his great personatily...after the end of the race (at 40+ degrees celcius) he was still in a great mood and had fun with everyone in the pits, the spectators that talked to him. Instead of rushing inside the truck and save energy for the second race day, he grabbed a beer and enjoyed the moment like he was on vacation...
  14. lixno

    Yz cam on wr

    Yep exactly
  15. lixno

    Yz cam on wr

    Yes it will fit just fine.not sure though that you ll get the best result without changing the piston to a 13 5:1 just like the yzf.