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  1. Your avatar is perfect. What a D**k.
  2. ss440gp

    2006 te510 tire size

    The stock tire 140/80 Michelin is egual to most other companies 120/100. Michelin uses a differant measuring system. its my understanding that Michelin measures from outside to outside knob and most other co.'s measure the carcass.
  3. ss440gp

    new zipty super wide peg extensions?

    I have them. They work very good. I was alittle concerned that they were too big but in tight single track it was no problem. Worked really good getting back on the bike for whoops and sand. They are way more comfortable if you ride on the balls of your feet.
  4. Try sicassracing.com Great to deal with.
  5. ss440gp

    Warranty Pitfalls for the Uninitiated

    Maybe you should go buy a chinese bike?
  6. ss440gp

    Stewart in Trouble...

    Stupid is as stupid does , bubba.
  7. ss440gp

    Buyer beware if you buy a Husky...

  8. ss440gp

    Buyer beware if you buy a Husky...

    Exactly, who gives a crap about you whinning about your dealer not being a Husky dealer anymore or your what if warranty situations. Ride and if it breaks then worry about it. Geesh what a nancy. You tell people to not get worked up.......look at YOUR original post.
  9. ss440gp

    Zeta Barkbusters

    Great guys to deal with, highly recomend.
  10. ss440gp

    Buyer beware if you buy a Husky...

    Sounds like thats what you should be riding.
  11. ss440gp

    Buyer beware if you buy a Husky...

    Maybe your title should have been beware buying a husky from this dealer, instead of beware buying a husky. What jap. bike that compares to your Husky has a warranty? Not talking xt225,crf230,klr250. You have purchased what is basically a offroad race bike with a warranty. I don't know of a jap. bike with a warranty that compares.
  12. ss440gp

    Buyer beware if you buy a Husky...

    Sounds like your crying before your hurt. Worry about warranty issues before you have any? I think you should sell and buy a jap. bike that has no warranty, problem solved.
  13. ss440gp

    The more I watch it, I'm not so sure........

    I remember Hannah and Howerton but I respected them because they said they hated each other and proved it on the track, but these 2 clowns act like evertthing is o/k then do this on the track. I say man up, say you can't stand the other and race as dirty as you want against EACH OTHER. Then we got a race.
  14. ss440gp

    The more I watch it, I'm not so sure........

    I don't like either rider, they have both been at fault in there share of a**hat movies on the track, but I can't see how anyone would think stewart caused this one. I have watched this many many times and stewart did have his head down and didn't apear to try to not hit reed but if you watch the video in real speed it appears that Reed delayed in making the turn so there would be heavy contact. IMHO he could have squared the turn earlier and still made the block pass but choose to go wider than needed. I think he was trying to put Stewart down but it blew up in his face. Who tries to make a block pass that far up the berm before sliding the back around, (his front tire was in the rut before he tried to square it off) if your not trying to put someone down? IMHO
  15. ss440gp

    USA TC449 sighting!

    When you started with this 2011 Husky bashing you may have brought up a valid point now and then, but now your true relevance (ZERO) shines throught. You are now truly seen for what you are.