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  1. JDsRidingChick85

    Gonna be a toughf year in the CT woods

    ...Don't even get me started with the "destroying the enviroment" thing, how are we destroying the enviroment anyway? b/c we have trails through woods that aren't used for housing yet?what about the trails THEY cut for horses...i guess we need to buy bikes with hooves. OR do they think we are destroying the enviroment b/c there are piles of peoples junk in the middle of the woods...do they think we drag our junk out there with our quads, trikes, and bikes?
  2. JDsRidingChick85

    Gonna be a toughf year in the CT woods

    Isn't it ashame we have to try to think of ways to not get caught, The way this state has twisted our outdoor activities has made people think we are right up there with theifs, that we have to be very quiet and hide what we do. it's rediculous! they don't leave us any choice of where to go. so does that mean that if we are able to buy these vehicals in NJ, and we actually use them we are seen as criminals.
  3. JDsRidingChick85

    Anybody Notice The Road Signs?

    It is funny too, that they are not only displaying this law, but the signs are getting bigger and bigger, soon there will be billboards, but unforutnately if you don't have $$$ to contribute all you can do is...