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  1. Hey whats up. I just gotta quick question about my bikes suspension. I have a 05 crf250. I weigh about 170. I aint no expert so i dont always land properly and when i don't the front wheel really hits the ground hard and it's not the most comfortable landing. The back is pretty good but its still a little soft and i would like to stiffen the suspension a little more just so i can land smooth. Any tips of hints to help me adjust it and your guys preferences will really be helpful. I will be going out of state riding this weekend and would like to get this sqaured away. Thanks alot guys.
  2. It must be nice to live out in cali........nice jumping
  3. deffinatly not man , because a toyota will out last any of the american trucks. THe only american truck i would rock would be a ford diesel...but in the end americans honeslty dont know how to make a dependable truck.
  4. NIce man ... My family is deffinatly a mustang family. We have lots of them but the only thing is those burnouts were pretty weak.
  5. its not english class guys...
  6. Yamaha

    Hey whats up guys. My friend is looking at a 2001 raptor 660. We heard that the 2001's had some problems with them such as the tranny and the starting clutch. Any one else have problems or had one or heard anything. I'M wondering if it's either a hit or miss. Well thanks guys for the help.
  7. I GOT IT!! Finally Fixed it. I re-routed it and adjusted the throttle cables up top and down at the carburetor. I backed the throttle out alittle bit just to make sure it wont touch the end of the bar. THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP>
  8. Alright thanks a million going to go work on it early this afternoon ...just gotta run and get parts THanks again, much appreciated
  9. Which one is the re-running cable? I checked the owners manual for any info. but it said nothing about it. i tried to play with the cables but its still not good. It just sticks... Thanks alot though man anything will help...
  10. Yesterday i put my new triple clamps and handlebars on. When i put the throttle sleeve was very hard to twist and i had manually twist it back. Do i loosen the cable or what? Please help because i want to go riding tomorrow. Thanks alot.
  11. When i got my seat cover...the staples wouldn't go through either. Then i brought it to an upholster place and they did it perfect for 50 bucks it was worth it
  12. About a week ago i wiped out bad and bent the stock Renthals. I was looking to get the tag t2 privateer kit... is it good and worth it or just get just the 7/8 size handlebars alone.....thanks
  13. Thanks alot bro... i was looking at them, ill get em this week...thanks again
  14. Whats up guys? I ride at my local track and it's like soft-intermediate terrain. What tires should i get? thanksss
  15. THere bent......