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    86 XR200R running probs.

    So the carb will make the bike quit while riding it. If there is to much gas, wouldn't the bike rev higher than usual, my last bike did that.
  2. Well I'm obviously new here and in need of some help, I recently picked up an 86 XR200R and it needs some something done to the valves I guess. What happens is the bike is hard to kick over sometimes, and when its running it will quit. It has dark smoke coming out so I don't really know what to do right now. I purchased the bike knowing it had this problem, but came with an extra parts bike, looks like it just came out of the factory and only $400! I don't know if I could just put on the extra engine and it will run fine, because its in pieces. I'm very new to 4-strokes by the way, used to have a KDX, so if you can, help me out a little. Thanks