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  1. Just put a piece of duct tape on it. But make sure it's black duct tape. Fire that son of a bitch up and hit the trails.
  2. Ringer

    I'm buying a new 2007 - Is this good?

    They have been available to the public for the past couple years now.
  3. Ringer

    I'm confused RMZ 450 or not.

    I've been a life long Suz rider. Owning RM 2strokes from 02 to 05, then also getting an 05 RMZ 450. I sold it, and decided to get a 2006 CRF 450, mostly because all of my buddies had them, and I wanted to try something different. Let me just say, that my 2006 CRF-450 Honda was the most unreliable piece of shit I have ever owned. Here is the list of problems that I encountered on the so called "superior" Honda equipment: rear brake caliper-just cracked in the middle of the casting and broke in 2 pieces. rear brake lever-granted this could happen to any bike, it simply just bent and twisted from nothing. gas petcock-for no apparent reason, broke stock gas hose-from petcock to carb-cracked and leaked water pump started leaking, seal, bearing, shaft and impeller . Entire assy was replaced Left and Right radiators are made out of tin foil, even with works connection Rad Braces installed I destroyed both of them. clutch bolt-on the pressure plate all 6 broke over the year I owned it Rad shroud-bolts that go into the copper inserts on the gas tank, stripped and spun within a month started losing clutch oil into motor-replaced right crank seal, counter balancer seal, counter balancer bearing about a million times. Never fixed the leaking of the oil. Finally had to split the cases, the right case had a hairline crack on it, due to a casting flaw. Time to replace the ride side crank case Bear in mind this is a 2006 model. right side engine cover started leaking. Turns out, it warped so bad it wouldnt seal Intake valves-wore through them like candy, had to put in Stainless Steel ones. Granted I rode the bike alot. So with that said, when the bike ran, it was great. I am not some 16 year old kid who beats the snot out of a bike, and has no idea how to maintain it. But it turned into the biggest piece of shit I have ever owned. And I had many, many 02 and 03 RM 125's and 250's. All of my friends swear that I had a "Lemon Honda" and they have never seen anything like it. Well, I was lucky to finally piece it all together, put a new top end, complete clutch, and cases into it and basically give it away for very very cheap. I will never own another Honda product, and I smile everyday when I walk into my garage and load up my 2007 RMZ 450. I should have never left Suzuki
  4. Ringer

    Looking for 2006 engine cases

    I think it's only with the left case you have to show drivers license and proof of ownership since that's the side with the vin. But I appreciate the heads up
  5. If anyone has one laying around, or knows someone who is parting out a bike, please let me know. After an ongoing battle of losing clutch oil into the engine side, finally split the cases only to find the right side engine case to have a bunch of stress cracks throughout it, and not just the normal casting flaws you see in the cases. I already searched threw ebay and came up empty. Must be 06 cases as they are different then 05 part number is 11100-MEN-850 thank you mxringer@gmail.com
  6. Ringer

    06 CRF 450 suspension questions...

    Ride it for awhile stock, then make adjustments if needed.
  7. Ringer

    Trans oil still leaking into engine side

    I appreciate the suggestions.
  8. 06 450......I've replaced the crank seal twice, and the counter balancer seal.....Still seeps into the engine side..............Any suggestions?
  9. Ringer

    06 oil leaking problem

    Thank you for the advise. Anyone else have any insight?
  10. Ringer

    06 oil leaking problem

    Recently I started to notice that my trans oil was leaking into the engine side. I replaced the clutch side oil seal, but the problem persists. Now for first time my coolant is leaking into engine oil. What should I replace now? Water pump seal? I attempted to search on this already, but it said the search criteria is temp turned off due to high volume. Any help would be greatly appreciated. JB
  11. After reading this, I have no doubt that the mod ****ed his bike up.
  12. Ringer

    Tranny fluid gone milky

    Did you lose coolant? If it's milky, and you're low on coolant then you just found the problem
  13. Ringer

    seat issues

    You guys ever think of standing up?