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  1. SSbikergirl

    New Pipe Fence At Pozo?

    I was there sunday..... I was surprised when i saw a sign saying 'prepare to stop' right before going down a hill... Seems crazy to me that they were putting fencing all over in that section, especially along an up/down hill. I've heard different reasons behind the fencing... Some people are saying it's to protect some flower that only grows in pozo? Not sure if that's true or not...
  2. SSbikergirl

    One last thing...then I give up on my dog

    A friend of mine was told that her dog had 'hot spots'... I'll find out what she uses to help/prevent the irritation and the itching/scratching. These websites might be helpful.. http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?cls=2&cat=1592&articleid=447 http://www.ehow.com/how_2036812_treat-dogs-hot-spots.html?ref=fuel&utm_source=yahoo&utm_medium=ssp&utm_campaign=yssp_art
  3. SSbikergirl

    Moissanite Jewelery

    I agree, Diamonds are not EVERY girls best friend! I for one could care less about expensive jewelery, I'd rather spend our money on so many other things!!
  4. SSbikergirl

    Pepper Spray / Bear Spray??

    I carry pepper spray on my key chain... Too many wierdos/pervs out there for me.. I have this one: It's kind of big and I wish it were a little smaller... but for know It'll have to do. I've never used it (knock on wood)... So i don't know how effective this one is but I'm sure it would do the trick if needed. You can usually just pick one up from your local gun/outdoorsy store.
  5. SSbikergirl

    Alaska Riding Photos

    Wow! Amazing pictures!! I would love to visit Alaska one day.
  6. SSbikergirl

    Girly girls, I need your help...

    Does your hair get more curly when it's longer or shorter? Or does it stay the same either length? I have naturally curly hair and for some reason the longer it gets the more curly it becomes... But when i cut it short it gets straighter.
  7. SSbikergirl

    Virginia City Grand Prix

    My friend emailed me this website where you can find pics of yourself... Here's a pic of you turrestsman.. http://www.photocross.net/08/vc080426/SATURDAY/STARTS/imagepages/image20.html One of My friends was number 31 on saturday... row 3 or 4.. great place to be! My fiance was #307 on saturday.. in the way back! Here's a pic of him on the start. http://www.photocross.net/08/vc080426/SATURDAY/STARTS/imagepages/image177.html
  8. SSbikergirl

    Virginia City Grand Prix

    I'll be there!!! We are driving from the central coast. I'll just be a spectator this year & helping in the pits, while my fiance and 2 other friends race on saturday. Our friends have raced it the last few years but we've never been. We'll be staying w/ friends who live in Virginia City... so we'll be there from thursday till Monday! Can't wait!
  9. SSbikergirl

    Drinking beer on the trail...

    We always pick up other peoples trash at Navaho flats.. I hate when people litter! I don't really notice anything left on the trails though. We were out there sunday also. Do you remember what bike he was on? Was he with anyone? Just curious because we had about 5 guys in our group... and it better not have been 1 of them!
  10. SSbikergirl

    whos going to hollister for prez weekend

    I was there last weekend also and we watched that same helicopter air-lift the guy out from the TT track. So sad. It's crazy how quiet and mellow helicopters can take off into the air...
  11. SSbikergirl

    How do you vote?

    I think he's implying that we, as women, are talking in a civilized manner compared to the men in another forum who are being cruel and name bashing.
  12. SSbikergirl

    Pozo is reopening today

    Finally! We are going out to hollister this weekend but maybe we'll try and get out to pozo next weekend... it's been over a month since i've been out there! Have fun to whoever makes it out there!
  13. SSbikergirl

    Blue Blow Pop Bumble

    I have that same problem. I have a bag of jolly ranchers at work right now and the blue ones like to turn my tongue blue all day! They are too good to pass up though!
  14. SSbikergirl

    How do you vote?

    I vote however my fiance votes.... Soooooo kidding! I have my own mind so if i vote, i vote based on my own thoughts and opinons. I didn't vote this time though!!! oops
  15. SSbikergirl

    Need help with good books for a younger person

    I just finished reading the Alchemist Less than 200 pages i think I REALLY enjoyed reading this book! From Publishers Weekly This inspirational fable by Brazilian author and translator Coelho has been a runaway bestseller throughout Latin America and seems poised to achieve the same prominence here. The charming tale of Santiago, a shepherd boy, who dreams of seeing the world, is compelling in its own right, but gains resonance through the many lessons Santiago learns during his adventures. He journeys from Spain to Morocco in search of worldly success, and eventually to Egypt, where a fateful encounter with an alchemist brings him at last to self-understanding and spiritual enlightenment. The story has the comic charm, dramatic tension and psychological intensity of a fairy tale, but it's full of specific wisdom as well, about becoming self-empowered, overcoming depression, and believing in dreams. The cumulative effect is like hearing a wonderful bedtime story from an inspirational psychiatrist