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  1. I have faced with the same dillema, wanting a new fresh graphic kit for my 04. I like the new Monster kit but it is for the 05/06. Will graphics kits designed for the 05/06 work on 02 thru 04? Is it simply a matter of a different radiator shrouds? Can you put the shrouds of a 05/06 on a 02 thru 04 and then use the newer graphics?
  2. I just purchased one of these the other day on the recommendation of a friend at a bike shop. Have you guys heard any good feedback on them?
  3. I'm new to thumper talk and read this thread regarding the turkey baster. Does anyone know how I can find the original thread that talks about how to make it? Thanks, MotoPug
  4. I am considering putting the TA kit on my 04 CRF450. Did you guys actually see a gain in power? Is it worth the cost? I have heard via ads that it increases power but nothing states how much.