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  1. if you really want to whip, lets say your going to whip to the left, since this is the only way I feel comfortable whipping, I come from the middle or right side with the bike pointed like im going to jump off the left side of the jump, once you get the end, begin to lean and put your body close to the ground on the right side with your butt kind of pushing the bike out, once in the air your body will naturally straighten up or it should if you have enough seat time, just try it on a jump with a nice face, not too fast and your comfortable with, take it one step at a time, once you get the form down youll understand and youll be throwin em huge in a few months. Like everything you have to practice it, lata -#287
  2. There should only be 7 steel, and 8 friction plates, the friction plates go on the outside on both sides.
  3. Hey what all do I need to be able to download and watch the supercross torrents? Ive tried everything, like downloading bitlord, DIVX, something else, etc. Does anyone know the easy way to download all the stuff you need? Thanks