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  1. thcq

    3X3 4X3 4X4.....Does it make a difference??

    sorry, i was thinking about shape-hole...
  2. thcq

    3X3 4X3 4X4.....Does it make a difference??

    what about 4x2 ? it must be exactly 3x3 ?
  3. thcq

    Change rear sprocket-SM

    ehmm, i didn't think about 14 on front , it will be the best solution for stock chain... thanks for the response !
  4. thcq

    Change rear sprocket-SM

    now I have stock gearing - 15 front and 41 rear with 110r chain, is it possible to change only rear sprocket for 44 without changing chain ? and how decrase top speed ? (now is nearly 100mph)
  5. carb Mikuni BSR36 - i think they have stock 22.5 pilot jet all over the world ? (tell me if I wrong ) may i follow DJ kit "stage 2" : 155 MJ 2nd e-clip neddle 3.5 turns mixture screw is it the best jetting ? or there are any tricks? thcq
  6. Hi, Patient : 05 SM, stock carb I just cutted 2x4 and installed K&N with Yosh full rs-3 (for E version), what is the best jetting for stock pilot jet ? (I heard that i needn't buy 25 pilot jet for UE carb). I have DJ sm kit cheers thcq
  7. I ride only on road, is any sense to install K&N, or stay with stock filter?
  8. Thanks for repost, i will order next week, and one more question: are any advantages to install with DJ K&N filter? of course with 3X3.
  9. This is my first post on this forum, Hi everyone from Poland I would like to jet ma 05sm, but my local DynoJet dealer said that he have only for US ver, please tell me is any difference of carb, from US and from UE ? Cheers thcq ps: sorry for my english